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September 13, 2016

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We’re pleased to announce that Zenefits will showcase its licensing compliance app for the first time in a keynote address at Dreamforce on October 6. As we announced in February, Zenefits created and implemented  a licensing controls app to manage our own licensing issues. In June, we announced our intention to open-source this technology for the benefit of the industry by making it available for free as an app on Salesforce’s App Exchange.

Since our last update about this, we’ve created a whole new version of the app. The UI has been upgraded to make installation and administration easier and more user-friendly for the benefit of other brokerages. Called Licensing+ by Zenefits, this app is the only licensing controls product available on the market that enables integration with both Salesforce and NIPR (the National Insurance Producer Registry) – and it is free of charge.

The best feature of this app is that, because it’s built on Salesforce, it enforces compliance in the place where sales agents do their work. Once installed, the controls are effectively invisible to sales agents until such time as an agent tries to engage in prohibited activity. At that point, the controls step in and prevent the activity from occurring. For example, the app doesn’t allow accounts to be assigned to a sales agent that is not currently licensed in the account’s state.

Zenefits has used this app to power our own licensing compliance program. Our more than 250 licensed producers collectively hold approximately 10,000 state licenses. We’ve published these licenses on our website in a public directory that lists each license by agent, state, and line of coverage. This directory is updated daily through an integration with NIPR, automatically ensuring accuracy across all insurance license types at all times.

The ability to publicly display thousands of licenses which are automatically kept up to date is itself state-of-the-art in the industry.

This is a logistical challenge that didn’t exist when the licensing rules were created, because brokerages typically worked in one region or state and therefore needed a much smaller number of licenses. But because Zenefits operates a national call center, we have to ensure that our sales agents are licensed to have all the conversations that could result when a prospect calls us from anywhere in the United States about any type of insurance coverage.

Once Zenefits solved this problem, we could have used it as a moat against competitors seeking to create national distribution models. But we are lowering the drawbridge by open-sourcing the app to other brokerages. Ultimately, we want to help the entire industry achieve compliance and compete solely on the basis of who offers the best value for customers.

Licensing+ by Zenefits app is so powerful that it can be configured not just for insurance licensing but for any industry where professionals must be licensed, such as financial advisers, real estate brokers, and nurses. For a user friendly way to see how the app works, watch this video.

Because of efforts to remediate past licensing problems, Zenefits has been recognized by regulators like Tennessee’s Insurance Commissioner, who praised our new leadership for “righting the ship”. We’ve now addressed these historical issues with six states –  Arizona, Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, South Carolina and Tennessee –  and we look forward to reaching similar resolutions with other states soon.

We’re proud that Zenefits is a company that has not just solved its historical licensing issues, but has become an industry leader in licensing compliance.

See the screenshots below for a look at Licensing+ by Zenefits, soon to be live on Salesforce App Exchange.

zenefits.com/licenses – live sync to SFDC for all producer licenses:



Licensing+ Main Settings dashboard for admin configuration:


License Type configuration for normalization of licenses into simple categories:



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Category: Compliance, Zenefits

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