Introducing Zenefits People: Stay Connected Using Your Mobile Employee Directory

January 27, 2016

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Even with the latest messaging and email apps, it can be difficult to connect to coworkers when you’re out of the office and need an answer right away. What happens when you need to call someone, but don’t have their phone number in your personal contact list? What if they’ve changed their number?

We’re addressing these problems today with the release of Zenefits People, a mobile employee directory, available for iOS and Android.

How It Works

With Zenefits People, you can call, send text messages, and email coworkers, discover new teammates, view departments and roles, and put a face to every name in your office.

Zenefits People works by automatically pulling your employee directory information from Zenefits, so everything is already set up, ready to go, and always up-to-date, requiring no work from you and your employees. And, whenever you hire or terminate someone, the directory automatically updates itself, so the most accurate information is always at your fingertips.

To Get Started

Make sure you can reach your teammates when you need them with Zenefits People. Simply click to download, sign in with your Zenefits account, and you’re ready to go.


To learn more, please visit our Help Center.


Itai Turbahn is Director of Product Management at Zenefits, in charge of platform strategy and design. He's passionate about growth and about building user-centric experiences for our customers.

Category: Zenefits

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