Zenefits Receives an Editor’s Choice Award from PC Mag

October 12, 2016

Category: Zenefits, Benefits

Since 2013, it’s been our mission to make running and growing a business easier by automating some of the time-consuming processes and manual paperwork related to human resources. That’s why it’s such a great honor for us to receive an “Editors Choice” award and an “Excellent” rating in PC Mag’s Best Benefits Administration Tools of 2016.

Zenefits’ simple UI, built-in benefits management, and easy connections to multiple payroll providers make it a superior choice for a small business that wants to put as much of its people operations as possible onto a single service and not spend a lot of money to do it. It’s our Editors’ Choice for BA software and, particularly for startups, it’s an easily customizable platform that just works.” writes Michelle V. Rafter and Rob Marvin from PC Mag.

As a company, we are constantly connecting with customers to improve our platform and provide the most comprehensive set of HR tools on the market. We couldn’t be more excited to see we’ve checked every box on PC Mag’s reviewed features.


In the words of PC Mag, “You can’t beat Zenefits, our definitive Editors’ Choice in [benefits administration] when it comes to benefits options, added features and ease of use.”

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Category: Zenefits, Benefits

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