Spring Release: Our Newest Features, Functionality, and Innovations

May 22, 2017

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Put our customers first.

It’s a simple statement, but it’s also one of our core values. More importantly, it’s been the driving force behind our Spring Release, which is full of new product features, innovations, and integrated partners.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to:

Integrations with Google, Microsoft, and Slack Bring HR to Employees

We’re thrilled to help improve team productivity and engagement as we add Microsoft Teams and Slack to our integrated app directory, with an integration also planned with Google Hangouts Chat.

Integrated systems are deeply connected within the Zenefits platform. It’s an app on the Zenefits dashboard, which means it just takes a few clicks to install and connect it with the rest of your HR systems. There’s no technical expertise involved.

Once connected, all systems share information securely through the platform, creating a seamless experience for users and creating a common system of record for employees across all aspects of HR.

“We’re excited to see the integrations our ecosystem partners are creating for the Microsoft Teams platform, built on Microsoft Office 365, enhance the overall experience we’re delivering to our users,” said Bhrighu Sareen, General Manager for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Corp. “Zenefits’ application for Teams helps bring useful HR tasks, like requesting time off, directly to Teams.”

Employees Can Use Pre-Tax Commuter Dollars for Uber

Commuting to and from work isn’t always easy. We’re here to make help make it better.

In addition to Lyft, Uber now accepts Zenefits Commuter Benefits as well! This is something our customers asked for, and we’re happy to deliver on the request.

Zenefits customers can now use their pre-tax dollars to pay for UberPool rides when they commute to work (where available). UberPOOL creates a carpool by finding commuters that are headed in the same direction. By sharing a ride, commuters are able to get to and from work with convenience, comfort, and a low fare.  

How to Use Your Commuter Benefits Card for UberPool

New Level Payment Self-Funded Plans from Aetna Can Reduce Healthcare Costs Up to 25%

Our Broker Services team is pleased to announce that our digital HR platform now includes the full integration of Aetna Funding Advantage (AFA) level payment self-insured employee health plans. Level funding combines the financial benefits of self-insured plans with the steady premiums of fully insured plans.

What does this mean for employers? Businesses with good claims experience can decrease annual healthcare costs by as much as 25%. To learn whether level payment plans are right for your company (and available in your state), contact our health benefits team today.  

Unique Benefits Deductions App Gives Transparency and Control

In a few weeks, HR administrators will also gain more transparency into employee deductions thanks to our new Benefits Deductions App. With this app, HR administrators can see, review, and approve adjustments for all payroll-impacting changes made by HR and benefits functions.

Why is this important? The Benefits Deduction App reduces errors by giving HR managers full visibility on the what, why, and when’s of unanswered questions on deductions. This also arms them with information to common questions regarding paychecks.

For example, if an employee asks why their paycheck is $45 less than normal, HR Administrators can check the Benefits Deductions App, identify the reason, and get back to the employee with “You added a dependent on April 17th, which resulted in the deduction.”

Award-Winning Mobile HR Gets Better

We understand that our customers are always on the go, and that sometimes, the most convenient way to manage HR is from your mobile device.

That’s why we’re so proud of our upcoming mobile update: New mobile administrator features for managing time-off requests, all from your phone. This means that managers can now approve or decline employee requests from the palm of their hand, and easily see who is planning time off across departments and locations.

Sounds like a dream, right? Get ready for it. Availability of the new Mobile Administrator features is planned for mid-June.

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