Engineers at Zenefits are constantly shipping creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems in the tech industry. We have deeply ingrained cultural values that make this possible:

Autonomy. Our engineers enjoy an unprecedented amount of ownership of the products they work on -- making decisions about when and where to optimize, collaborating closely with product managers to spec out features, and working at the boundaries of products to ensure they work well together. The hardest problem of a startup is deciding what to work on, and in what order, and we trust our engineers to do the right thing for our customers when we’re making these decisions.

Continuous improvement. We work constantly to improve the product for our customers, and the codebase for our fellow engineers. We believe in shipping features quickly and iteratively, but HR systems require integrity, and we expect engineers at Zenefits to build that into every feature, and every line of code they ship. "Leave things better than you found them" is one of our foundational principles.

Collaboration. Humans are complicated, and so is HR software. Complicated software problems are solved by working together, not by an individual hero coder. Engineers at Zenefits work in small, cross-functional teams who collaborate across disciplines and organizational boundaries using tools like Slack, e-mail, GitHub, Confluence, and Jira. We keep communication flowing constantly, so we can craft unified, intuitive solutions to the complex interlocking problems of HR.

Blog: Check out our dev blog to learn more about how we work.

zenefits engineering
zenefits engineering

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