Passionate, tenacious, team-oriented and committed - that’s how we describe the Sales and Marketing team here at Zenefits. With eyes on the prize, these groups collaborate daily to bring their A-game to the field to bring our product to people everywhere.


Sales and Marketing work hard to collaborate. With regular team building events, volunteering excursions, and routine trainings, we’re a group that leans on each other with a strong foundation of trust. We collaborate, we hustle, and we celebrate our wins - together. Our open floor plan promotes cross-organization connectivity, and we regularly collaborate with different teams on new initiatives.

The Challenger Mindset

We’re powered by learning, and we love learning from others and sharing inspiration to drive our best work. With routine guest speakers and industry experts visiting our teams, we’re constantly motivated by new techniques to drive our business forward. Sales Kickoff, President’s Club and Core Value Awards name a few of the events we use to celebrate our hard work. We ensure our Sales & Marketing team has the tools and resources they need to excel.

Selling a Platform That Impacts Lives

We know the field of SaaS is saturated with Sales and Marketing opportunities. Our talent bar is high, so we know you have many options. What makes Sales and Marketing at Zenefits unique is that you’re selling a platform that makes employee’s lives easier, and helps entrepreneurs grow their business. Knowing you’re making the world of work better, while you’re surpassing your goals, is an added bonus that drives us.

zenefits sales and marketing
zenefits sales and marketing