12 Emerging US Businesses Earn 2019 Zennie Customer Awards

Today, we’re excited to announce the winners of Zenefits’ second annual customer awards competition, the 2019 Zennies. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the winners of Zenefits’ second annual customer awards competition, the 2019 Zennies.  Based on submissions from across our base of more than 11,000 small and mid-sized companies nationwide, the wide-ranging success stories inspired us with what is possible with our HR products, services, and partnerships.

This year’s winners were selected from across the following 12 categories:


All winners will be profiled with Case Studies on our website customer page, as well as in Zenefits’ online customer community, ClubZen. Be sure to check them out for your own inspiration. In addition, this year’s grand prize winner, Taylor Simpson, who manages HR operations at LeapPoint consulting, also received 1:1 empowerment coaching from consultant and author of Remodel Your Reality,  Kimberly Fulcher.


Zennie Winner’s Highlights

Grand Prize for All-in-One Zenefits Leverage: LeapPoint consulting, an award-winning management consulting firm in Reston Virginia has nearly 40 professional tech consultants, implementation experts, and software developers, working for them nationwide. Tapping their own expertise in mapping the right technology for streamlining the process and accelerating business, they chose Zenefits as their HR system of record for hiring, developing, incenting and connecting their distributed team.

Growth: Superior Logistics, based in Lancaster Ohio, is a “last mile, white glove” furniture and appliance delivery service that doubled in size last year with an “acquihire” of a team from one of its customers. New on the Zenefits platform, they used it to onboard and ensure benefits for more than 30 people within 30 days.

Payroll: Revity, a full-service marketing agency in Provo, Utah is still at the size where its founders wear a lot of hats. So, adding Zenefits payroll this year to its existing use of Zenefits HR took the COO’s administrative time down per pay run from 3 hours to 25 minutes. This gives him more time to invest in customer and team success.

Productivity: Entire Productions an events and production management business in San Francisco pulls off nearly 800 eye-popping events a year, resulting in equally eye-popping business growth of 183% in the past three years. And they do it all with 14 staff members. Therefore productivity, powered by automation, is crucial to CEO Natasha Miller. She uses Zenefits products and Advisory Services to stay ahead of hiring, compliance, and complexity. Natasha was just cited as one of San Francisco’s top 100 women who lead and celebrated her firm’s second annual listing in Inc’s fastest-growing US companies.

Non-Profit Value: Chicago-based Art Core is actually three separate entities supporting the arts. With Zenefits they manage full time and contingent staff HR, Benefits and Payroll across all three organizations, saving costs and time, with “more amenities (features) than we could imagine!” Bravo!

Diversity and Inclusion: Scan Mailboxes, based in Austin, Texas, taps Zenefits to power their inclusive hiring practices. In fact, the company has hired 15 deaf employees and created a unique workplace and culture with help from Zenefits HR, Performance Management, Compensation and Paid Time Off tools.

ROI: Phoenix-based technology company, nFocus Solutions, supports the public sector with software, services and a team of more than 80 employees. They said they will easily save $35,000 this year, using Zenefits and have reduced their HR spend every year since becoming a Zenefits client in 2015.

Company Culture: Alight Analytics in Kansas City, not only uses Zenefits for HR and Benefits to connect and engage their team, but they also put our product in a starring role in their annual holiday spoof video. In a hilarious internal film, Return to the 17th Floor this marketing and analytics platform company envisioned a world where Zenefits took on an AI-based and Alexa-like persona and was able to autocorrect any questionable HR violations of its team members. Love the creativity and obvious camaraderie!

Operational Scale: LA-based property management firm, Winstar Properties, put Zenefits in the heart of its operations as its HR platform aligned with its growth and business objectives. When asked which modules in the Zenefits platform they couldn’t live without, Winstar said: “Because Zenefits works seamlessly between the modules they use (HR, Benefits, Payroll, and Time & Attendance) we don’t have to live without anything!” Touche!

HR Quick Start: San Diego-based e-commerce sunglasses business, Blenders Eyewear, leverages Zenefits for smart team scaling. Their head of customer care told us: “In scaling our company, we all wear numerous hats. When the HR hat was thrown to me on top of 10x-ing my team, I immediately pitched Zenefits to the founder. It is a no-brainer when your company isn’t large enough for a full-time HR administrator.” 

Compliance: Hope Program, a mental health services firm in Hayward, California uses Zenefits for HR, Contractor management, Time and Attendance, Performance Management and Payroll. In addition, it taps Zenefits’ HR Library, which comes free with subscription, to ensure its new Employee Handbook to ensure it met all the compliance checks it needed. Their HR director told us: “Our employment attorney was super impressed with how on point we were!”

Benefits: HoyleCohen, a wealth management firm based in San Diego, uses Zenefits HR, Benefits and Performance Management products and our HR Advisory services. They told us that we saved them “time, work and a considerable amount of trees during benefits open enrollment time.” And we loved hearing: “Not a day goes by without an employee commenting on the ease of HR functions now that we have Zenefits on our team!” Nature plus nurture: way to go HoyleCohen!

Warmest congratulations and thanks to all 12 of this year’s winners! So excited to learn from you and share your stories.