Benefit Broker Q&A Series: BBG Offers Better Tech Solutions with Zenefits

This is the first in a series of interviews with leading benefits brokers who are focused on delivering better advantages to small businesses and their employees. 

Earlier this year, Zenefits welcomed the Business Benefits Group (BBG) into our Certified Broker Partner (CBP) program. We’re proud to collaborate with brokers like BBG that embrace technology to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) evaluate, select, and manage employee healthcare and benefits options to meet the needs of their diverse workforces.

BBG is a full-service benefits and insurance brokerage based in Fairfax, Virginia. Its brokers provide counsel to customers — including employers at SMBs — on how to implement the best possible benefits services for their employees. BBG leadership is familiar with the needs and pain points of small businesses since BBG itself has just 50 employees. BBG’s 800 customers are located across North America and around the world.

We talked to Michelle Milam, BBG’s Director of HR, Compliance, and Technology, to learn more about the importance of leveraging technology to bring better solutions to clients who in the past have had limited access to quality benefits options.


Why did you decide to partner with Zenefits?

We partnered with Zenefits to expand our already-robust technology offering.

We have been offering technology solutions to our client base for over 10 years. While our main focus is consulting and advising companies on the best benefits offerings for their operational needs, we view technology as the delivery vehicle for those messages. So for us, staying current with the most relevant offerings is key to client satisfaction. And as a brokerage firm that sees value in providing total solutions to our clients, it made sense to incorporate Zenefits as a progressive option that is widely sought out.

How has joining the Zenefits Certified Broker Program helped BBG clients?

Partnering with Zenefits has allowed us to expand our offerings and take our unique approach to benefits and technology to new market areas where locally-based firms don’t offer the same level of service that we do. The partnership has helped us leverage the many different HR, benefits, payroll and compliance options that Zenefits offers to help clients solve challenging problems.

How has this changed the small business advantage? 

Our partnership with Zenefits has helped us deliver better processes and procedures for our clients.  The platform is constantly evolving, reflecting Zenefits’ investment in great user experience.

When you look at the platform and delivery methods that companies like Amazon have perfected for consumers, my constant question is, “How can we partner to make it as simple to deliver benefits or HR technology?”

This is what we are working with Zenefits to achieve — while also ensuring the security of the data, the ease of the user experience, the seamless carrier integrations, and many more moving pieces. Connecting an advanced platform with the right counsel and process is what we believe helps small businesses differentiate themselves in today’s world of work.

To learn more about Zenefits’ Certified Broker Partner program, visit our website here.