Benefit Broker Q&A Series: Sequoia and Zenefits Bring a Streamlined Benefits Experience to SMBs and Start-ups

This is the second in a series of posts where we highlight leading benefits brokers and hear their thoughts about the industry and their partnership with Zenefits.

It’s been over a year since Sequoia joined the Zenefits Certified Broker Partner program, our network of insurance firms that are passionate about how technology can help small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) give their employees access to a wide range of high-quality healthcare benefits.

Sequoia has been advising companies of all sizes on benefits and insurance for more than 18 years. Across its six offices in California, Arizona, New York, and Bangalore, Sequoia’s consultants and service teams combine their guidance, service, and technology to create tailored benefit solutions for its clients, ranging from SMBs all the way up to large enterprises. Sequoia excels at unifying the total benefits, HR, and insurance experience so businesses can better scale and manage their investment in people.

We had the opportunity to interview Matt Roberts, Vice President of Sequoia’s SMB Division, about how the evolving relationship between technology and the insurance industry is impacting 99.7% of American businesses.

How do you view the role of technology in the benefits brokerage industry?
Today, the impact of technology on benefits is everywhere in the ecosystem, but perhaps nowhere more important than at the last mile where it comes together for employees. Platforms like Zenefits make benefits easy to access when and where people need them.

The strong brokers are partnering and integrating with technology leaders to unify the fragmented benefits experience for their clients. Right now, the best benefits technology brings everything together in one place and makes it easy for people to access, use, and get support when needed. This is a huge win for management and employees.

What changes has Sequoia seen since joining Zenefits’ CBP program?

Our partnership with Zenefits enables us to serve the needs of SMB clients looking for consultative, high-touch benefits services with an all-in-one platform. Sequoia serves clients of many sizes, but arguably our SMB clients have the biggest smiles because their growth paths get easier and smoother with platforms like Zenefits in the mix.

Why is embracing technology important for Sequoia and its SMB customers?

Sequoia often plays a role in guiding clients to the best technology solution for their needs. For the people-first, high-growth clients we work with, those needs can evolve quickly. So, we go deep into understanding the strengths of platforms like Zenefits and also develop our own technology to complement clients’ journeys as they scale. The ultimate advantage is that we can serve clients from 20 employees all the way to 20,000.

To learn more about Zenefits’ Certified Broker Partner program, visit our website here.