Changing: Together

A few weeks ago, the majority of Americans likely didn’t know about Juneteenth.

As a positive sign of the times, today, many do. This holiday symbolizes freedom and equality and reminds us how far we have come — and how very far we still have to go to create an inclusive, diverse, and just society.

At Zenefits, we will take this day as one of many steps —together—to stand united with the Black community to lean into this problem. We have a tremendous opportunity to leverage the passion, commitment, and creativity that brings us together as a business and use it to create necessary change in our society.  To be clear, we are far from having answers, but we do have some early direction on how we want to more fully participate.

Get Educated: First, it is really important to understand the problem. Individually and collectively we’re looking, listening, reading, and recommending to each other content and resources from a wide variety of sources. We’ve also curated examples we’re sharing across our team.

Get Vocal: Talking about inequality and oppression, violence, ignorance and the exclusion that comes with it is hard and painful. But like anything worth changing, it deserves our focus and attention. We’ve long had a practice of fostering tough conversations at Zenefits, but this is one where we need to dig deeper into our shared values and collective beliefs so we’re opening forums, we’re providing examples and role-playing to move from “should be” to “living it” in our daily practices with one another, with our customers and partners, and in our communities.

Get Active: The most powerful steps to re-imagining and constructing a more just world starts with careful observation and action. As a business, we help facilitate that with Civic Time Off and Volunteer Time Off to help our team members engage and participate more fully through voting, civic engagement, and problem-solving on issues that matter to them individually and to their broader community. We’re also pleased to support —and promote— customers across hundreds of minority-owned and not-for-profit businesses that are actively building more equal opportunity and social reform every day.

In addition to the above, we are also taking steps to ensure systematic inclusion across the company and within our product. Some of these steps include:

  • Continuing to improve upon all of our existing diversity policies, procedures, and programs to drive inclusion, eliminate bias, and promote diversity;
  • Creating a baseline of knowledge to build upon as a company, to include unconscious bias training, an anti-racism policy, radical transparency, accountability, and awareness;
  • Engage our employees and our customers to actively have a voice in how we approach diversity and inclusion in our business practices and in our products. As an example, the Zenefits platform gives our customers pre-built reports to track diversity in their workforces and in their hiring, offers integrated employee training on diversity & inclusion, and provides employee engagement surveys to help companies understand and address employee sentiment.

At Zenefits, we believe in equality. We believe that black lives matter. We believe in action — of “walking the talk.”  And we know from past experience that we have tremendous potential to create change when we approach a problem together and resolve to fix it.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we take care of ourselves, one another, show compassion, and strive for justice. We are all connected, and our futures and fates are intertwined.

So, together, let’s do better. Be kind. Ask questions. Get involved. Celebrate freedom.