Find out which HR solution is best for your business, Zenefits or Paylocity

Zenefits vs Paylocity

Zenefits is focused on People Operations, with your core HR system driving your HR processes. Paylocity was built first and foremost as a Payroll provider.


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Zenefits takes a no-surprises approach to pricing, with a simple, subscription based pricing structure that protects you from hidden charges.
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Zenefits pricing is transparent and easy to understand. With Paylocity, make sure you schedule an extra hour each month and hold extra funds in your budget to reconcile incremental charges and unexpected fees.

Employee experience

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Zenefits gives your employees control over their HR experience. Our intuitive, award-winning mobile app allows your employees to clock in, request PTO, access insurance cards, update benefits and even check the status of performance reviews. It’s all in one easy-to-use app.
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The Zenefits platform is natively built, ensuring a consistent, easy to use user experience. Paylocity relies on various third party partnerships to provide the total HCM experience. This means that your employees need to remember multiple sets of login information and work through multiple experiences to get to where they need to go.


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With its simple, robust mobile app, Zenefits was built for the modern working world. No work arounds, no bridges, just a comprehensive, native HR, payroll, benefits and compliance system, all with a single login that eliminates the need for cumbersome file imports and exports.

Zenefits’ award-winning onboarding syncs automatically with other essential business applications, including Gmail, Salesforce and Slack.
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From HR to Payroll to Benefits administration, Zenefits has built all pieces of its platform, so you can be sure that your data will flow seamless across your tools. With Paylocity, 3rd party integrations are relied upon, including with the management of employee benefits. This means that data feeds don’t always sync properly leading to errors and manual rework.


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Zenefits is mobile from the ground up, with an all-in-one system that simplifies HR, payroll, benefits and compliance—including time and attendance, scheduling, performance and supplementary benefits. Zenefits gives employees maximum control over their own HR and makes it easy for administrators to do the rest.
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The Zenefits platform is natively built across all modules, which ensures your data flows seamless across your tools and reduces errors and manual data-entry. As a payroll-first solution, there is poor communication between Paylocity’s other systems. T&A does not communicate with payroll, onboarding is manual for employees, benefits is a separate module (powered by one of two third party partners), and reporting becomes very manual.


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Contact our support team —by phone, email or chat—whenever you need help. We’re ready to help you solve the problem and get things moving again. Of course, the best thing is a system that just works, and our top priority is solving problems before they even get to you.
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The Zenefits platform is natively built and truly all-in-one, meaning that you have one single implementation, service, and support organization to help you with any issues you face. Paylocity service is what you would expect from a platform that relies on multiple 3rd party vendors to piece together their HCM offering: many support issues need to be rerouted because of the use of multiple technologies, and implementation can also take up to three months for even the smallest businesses.


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With a simple, powerful mobile app, Zenefits lets your team access everything they need, everywhere they go.
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Both Zenefits and Paylocity allow you to conduct the basic work on HR through their mobile apps, including time tracking, accessing the org chart, and checking pay stubs. But at Zenefits we realize that today’s modern mobile workforce needs to do all their HR tasks - not just the basics - whenever and wherever they are. Which is why the Zenefits mobile app also allows you to set and manage goals, fill out performance reviews, and complete engagement surveys.


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With intelligent deadline tracking from Zenefits Compliance Assistant, tax and COBRA support, and a fully integrated platform to reduce errors, Zenefits is built for compliance.
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Zenefits has built all pieces of its platform natively, so you can be sure that your data will flow seamless across your tools. With Paylocity, 3rd party integrations are relied upon, meaning data feeds don’t always sync properly leading to errors, manual rework, and compliance risk.
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Internet Archive
  • Industry Non-profit
  • Location San Francisco
  • Customer since 2016
  • Employees 150
Paychex' process was weird, expensive and I couldn't run the reports we needed. By contrast, I felt so comfortable with the Zenefits process.
BZ Petroff
Head of HR and Administration
  • Industry Technology
  • Location Indiana
  • Customer since 2018
  • Employees 5
We switched from a big, known player to Zenefits after six months. We saved four times the cost.
Ganesan Gandhieswaran
Fireclay Tile
  • Industry Tile Manufacturing
  • Location San Francisco
  • Customer since 2015
  • Employees 150
Historically, we've had ADP managing our payroll and Zenefits managing our people. Now Zenefits Payroll can fulfill all our needs, we're happy to have everything all in one place.
Eric Edelson