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Have Confidence in Your Compliance

Staying on top of complex and ever-changing employment laws feels like a full-time job. Even a simple mistake can lead to costly fines. Zenefits Compliance Assistant helps you stay on top of your compliance requirements with intelligent deadline tracking, built-in resources, and more.

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Never Miss
 a Deadline

  • Intelligent Deadline Tracker

    Zenefits helps you stay on top of all of your federal compliance deadlines and requirements for your benefits, payroll, and HR — all in one place.

  • Custom Deadlines

    Tailor Compliance Assistant to your company's unique needs by setting up your own custom reminders.

  • Sync to Your Calendar

    Quickly and easily sync all of your deadlines to your Google, Outlook or Apple calendars so you always know what's on the horizon.

Zenefits Compliance Deadlines

One Place
 for All Your Compliance Info

  • Built-in Reference Center

    Compliance Assistant features a built-in resource center with details about critical compliance requirements.

  • Full Visibility

    Enjoy full visibility into which compliance tasks are outstanding and which have been completed and archived.

Zenefits Compliance Reference Center

“With Zenefits keeping us compliant, we really have nothing to fear. It's always gone very smoothly every time we have been audited.”

Paul Van Der Wel

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