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Small Business Compliance

The laws that govern benefits, HR and payroll are complex, and even small missteps can result in not-so-small penalties. Zenefits helps you keep your company in compliance using our refreshingly easy-to-use tools. By integrating your core HR functions through our all-in-one platform, and automating many tasks, we take work off your plate to help ensure accuracy.

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Offboard employees effortlessly

There’s a lot to deal with when it comes to offboarding an employee. Zenefits automatically tracks qualifying events, sends employees the mandatory notices, and debits and credits COBRA payments—so you don’t have to.

Store ERISA data online

Organize and safeguard your employees’ important data online, in one centralized place. Enjoy easy access to everything from plan documents (SPDs, Section 125) to 5500 filings and required notices.

Store required documents online

Store required documents online

Manage Payroll Compliance

Zenefits makes it easy to manage payroll compliance for anyone who works or does business with your company—from hourly employees and exempt staff to independent contractors.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Automatically calculate, file and pay your payroll taxes
  • Create, send and file W-2s and 1099s in all 50 states
  • Provide pay stubs that comply with state law and help ensure employees are paid on-time
  • Expedite final paychecks for departing employees and include any time-off balances
  • Facilitate new hire reporting to the appropriate state agency
  • Provide support for FLSA overtime pay regulations for employees who require it

Live paystubs that are compliant

Live paystubs that are compliant

Keep HR Compliant

Let us take care of the tedious tasks that take you away from running your business. With Zenefits, you get a solution that:

  • Automatically confirms employment eligibility, collects withholdings information, and provides required notices
  • Securely stores all completed forms (I-9, W-4, etc.) online for easy accessibility
  • Streamlines reporting of equal employment opportunity (EEO) information through a pre-configured online report
  • Catalogs and details all recent and upcoming regulatory deadlines, and sends out auto-alerts so you always have time to prepare

Collect required tax information during hiring

Collect required tax information during hiring


“Compliance is the most challenging part of the HR position. Zenefits has been great about keeping us in the know about compliance, especially the ACA reporting.”

Hania Ostrowski, HR Director, Birds Barbershop

“With Zenefits, compliance is crazy simple. I’m able to do more interesting things and keep the company focused on the main tasks"

Dawn Weeman, Studio Manager, Instrumental



ACA Compliance

Navigate the complexities of ACA requirements with automation and ease.

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