Giving employees A+ benefits

Alpha Public Schools

Industry Education
Location California
Customer since 2014
Employees 150-300
Zenefits solutions
Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Compliance, Benefits

Founded in 2010 by a group of activist mothers, Alpha Public Schools is a charter school network of four California campuses, delivering leadership-focused learning for K-12 students. Their mission: ensuring that all of their scholars develop the academic skills and leadership habits required to succeed in college and live with integrity.

Business Issue

Alpha Public Schools needed to deliver benefits for its growing staff across four different districts, which is no small feat. Additionally, processing and tracking all the paperwork for the annual onboarding and offboarding of faculty and staff around the academic calendar is as challenging a puzzle as any college prep curriculum.


As a growing network of charter schools, Alpha’s founders implemented Zenefits as a technology to support its expanding backlog of administrative tracking.

They initially selected Zenefits in 2014 to track time and attendance for its staff, but shortly after added time-off tracking, onboarding, benefits, and most recently commuter benefits management—all under the Zenefits People Platform.

With Zenefits, I save a lot of time
and effort that I originally had to
dedicate to paperwork.

Kathy Ngo
HR Manager

Onboarding online takes half the time

“It used to take half a day to onboard new staff during our orientation,” said Ngo. “We would set up tables during lunch breaks during summer orientation to collect necessary forms like I-9 forms and proof of citizenship. With Zenefits, it takes two hours. We cut the onboarding time in half. The great news is that our staff can now use that time for professional development instead of administration.”

Personalizing HR

Just like the school prides itself on personalizing leadership training for its students—or “scholars” as they are called at Alpha Public Schools—the HR team likes to personalize the teachers’ experiences too. They use Zenefits custom fields to ask a few additional questions during onboarding, like t-shirt sizes and favorite snacks. During the school year, staff is surprised with branded school items and on in-service days, the principals deliver their staff’s favorite snacks during breaks.

“I don’t stress about the onboarding paperwork process, because my experience with both the Zenefits product and its services helps give me confidence,” adds Ngo. “With Zenefits, I’m covered.”

Easy access to benefits choices and counsel

Alpha Public School provides its staff with medical, dental, vision, and even commuter benefit selections with Zenefits. Additionally, the HR team gets even better leverage through Zenefits’ Certified Broker Partner, OneDigital, who engages with them far in advance of Alpha’s annual open enrollment in July.

“Open enrollment is so much easier! With our benefits app, I can see what selections our people have chosen and I’m super happy with our OneDigital representatives—they are on top of it!”

Biggest surprise

“I am so impressed with how much Zenefits puts into evolving their solution to streamline my HR process. I particularly love the mobile employee directory access. I use it as my Alpha phonebook in my pocket. With staff on four campuses, this is a perfect way to find anyone I need.”

“With Zenefits, I save a lot of time and effort that I originally had to dedicate to paperwork. I have all the content I need in one place. I can pull diversity reports, food restriction reports, etc. Zenefits makes it is so simple for me to deliver great service and have insight on the impact of that service.”