DC property company gets a leg up with Zenefits

Attache Corporate Housing

Industry Real Estate/Housing
Location Washington, D.C.
Customer since 2016
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Performance Management, Benefits

Attache Corporate Housing delivers professionally managed, furnished monthly rentals to the corporate and government set who spend part of the year in Washington DC. Owner and president, Tim Touchette and his team had their hands full managing close to 500 personalities between property owners and guests. With Zenefits, they found a better way to keep HR processes and performance management humming in the background.

Business issue

Attache Corporate Housing has grown its team of reservations, operations, and customer service personnel by 63% in the past two years. Hiring alone could have been a full-time job, but Tim also needed to handle onboarding, benefits, and performance management—all without taking time away from the client relationships that were the foundation of his business.


By combining HR, Benefits, and Performance Management with Zenefits, Tim has saved 90 hours a year per employee for his business. Through centralizing not just the onboarding process but ongoing procedures like reimbursements, payroll, and vacation tracking, Tim no longer has to be the one to connect all the dots on his team’s HR needs.

Fully integrated systems that support the whole team

When Tim first abandoned a myriad of spreadsheets and other tools in favor of Zenefits for Hiring/Onboarding and Benefits Management in 2016, he realized what a difference having one consolidated system could make.

Having employee information stored and used throughout the platform has saved time across processes. “It’s been great to be able to set up our employees on all the forms and across our Zenefits-integrated software systems like the Google Suite, Asana, and Expensify, all from one signature.”

That time saved also helps Tim appreciate his team: “Zenefits’ integration with our G Suite Calendar has made employee milestones super easy to track and celebrate. We used to miss people’s birthdays and anniversaries because these dates were not centralized, which was demoralizing.”

Zenefits has helped make the process easy and provide our new hires with everything they need on the first day at Attache, and throughout their tenure here.

Tim Touchette

Attache managers can now handle shift scheduling more efficiently, which allows for a better experience for his corporate clients. And Tim can offer expanded perks to his people.

“We offer additional benefits to our staff who work on national holidays. Zenefits Time and Attendance has allowed us to track and schedule the holiday work times and provide easy systems for capturing extra days off and special reimbursements.”

“After seeing how much time we save with everything in one place, we are looking to switch to Zenefits Payroll in 2019 to save even more time.”

Outgrowing “good enough” performance management

Tim has never been one to skimp on performance management: the old Attache review process entailed recording scores, monthly goals, and individual development plans on multiple Excel spreadsheets. But Tim knew he needed help to scale.

“We had three main issues: easily sharing and granting access between managers and employees; tracking the previous month’s conversations to follow up on progress; and creating a central, secure place to make performance reviews less time-consuming for managers.”

With Zenefits Performance Management, Attache Corporate Housing can better share reviews, track progress on goals, and record its employees’ performance. Tim reports better morale since implementing the new process, and estimates he’s saved four days a year per employee to focus on providing quality service in an industry that depends on client relationships.

Freeing up time for high-touch service

The pressures to go above and beyond for clients, coupled with the fast-changing hospitality industry, has made this time savings a huge boon for Tim and Attache Corporate Housing.

And Tim feels confident that each employee is taken care of throughout their time at Attache. “Zenefits has helped make the process easy and provide our new hires with everything they need on the first day at Attache, and throughout their full tenure.”