Industry Aerospace
Location Los Angeles, California
Customer since 2019
Employees 1-10
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When your day job includes launching rockets into space, the days are long and the time is precious.


The ten-person team at Emolbi, an aerospace consulting firm in Los Angeles, comes from backgrounds in aerospace engineering, cybersecurity and military operations. Details are their business.  But in order to protect their time to focus on the right details, they knew they wanted technology to help them cover their bases for people operations while they covered the needs of their customers from the DoD and the Federal Government.


“We started this company to provide top-notch support for America’s critical national space programs,” says Brian Chin, CFO at Emolbi.  “We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the very best in the industry. Every one of our talented employees receives an ownership interest in the company in addition to industry-leading pay, great benefits, fun social events, and a family work environment.

“As a small start-up company, our entire business model is heavily dependent on the efficiency of resources.  As such, each member of our corporate leadership —in addition to their billable roles— often assumes multiple roles in the company (e.g. consultant, bookkeeper, pay administrator, human resources, benefits administrator).  Many of our nights and weekends are spent performing company tasks.”

When it came to HR, Brian said Emolbi’s leaders had been individually managing separate components of their operations — mostly manually via Word documents, Google searches, and spreadsheets. They also had ADP for payroll and timekeeping and were facing a deadline to figure out the complexities of providing healthcare benefits. They needed a better way to ensure great people operations while focusing their time on customers.


“We made the switch from ADP and manual processes to Zenefits last year and could not be happier with our choice.  It’s made all the difference in the world for our leadership team, and employees.

“Zenefits all-in-one, easy to use interface and connection to Guideline 401K, Quickbooks and United Healthcare has been a life-saver for us,” adds Brian.

Operational Precision

Emolbi launched in 2018 to deliver engineering, program management, cybersecurity, and business operations capabilities to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. 

For example, several Emolbi team members are supporting the Special Programs Directorate at the Space and Missiles Systems Center and have provided the engineering and acquisition expertise to guide the U.S. Space Force in the research, development, production, launch, operations, and sustainment of critical national security space satellites.

The young firm has already secured five projects with the government (Air Force/Space Force), each that generally lasts between 3 to 5 years in scope.

At Emolbi, every hour counts.

“Zenefits has freed us up to be able to focus on our employees and on providing unparalleled consulting support to our customers,” says Brian.

We think Zenefits is the perfect all-in-one platform for startups and growing companies to use. As companies look to find efficiencies, Zenefits is the future of how companies will address their operational needs. 

Brian Chin CFO, Emolbi

Single platform delivers an ecosystem of support

“We use Zenefits in every aspect of managing our company and it has revolutionized the way we do business. Once we made the switch to Zenefits, everything was seamlessly integrated and there was no looking back. We tell all of our friends who have small to medium-sized companies about Zenefits!”

A few examples include:

  • Onboarding: “The HR and Onboarding platform has also been a lifesaver for us.  Onboarding is so easy and simple to use for us and our prospective employees.  We love how it tracks the progress of each new hire and automates many tasks that would traditionally require a full-time HR person, but can now be managed seamlessly as a side job.”
  • HR Compliance: “There are so many state/federal guidelines that are always changing, enough to give any small business owner a headache. We really love how Zenefits has federal and state-specific HR guidance, and notifications to make sure we’re always in compliance.”
  • Timekeeping: “As a consulting firm, being able to log and track our billable hours (by separate charge codes) is paramount. Zenefits’ timekeeping makes it easy for employees to log their daily hours and choose the appropriate charge code. Additionally, our employees love the ability to complete their timecards on the mobile app.”
  • Payroll: “Zenefits Payroll is fantastic. Each month, hours are seamlessly sent over from timekeeping, and the payroll run is automated. It doesn’t get any easier than that. As consultants, we process a lot of travel and expense reimbursements for our employees. Zenefits allows us to process as many payroll runs as needed, all included in our flat fee. We previously used ADP for payroll, and every single time we processed a travel reimbursement or expense report, we were charged individually.”
  • Reports. “As the CFO, the detailed and comprehensive reports in Zenefits are a game-changer. They provide me with all of the data that I need for financial forecasting, budgeting, rate development, and taxes.”
  • Healthcare: “We worked through the healthcare broker that Zenefits recommended, Marsh McLennan, and we couldn’t have dreamed of how easy healthcare management is now. With Zenefits, once everything was set up and established, it started to run itself. Plus, there’s a really neat feature where prospective employees can input their family data, and see their specific healthcare costs tailored for their situation.”
  • 401k: “Zenefits partners with Guideline, and it’s another one of those integrations that’s seamless. Employer and employee contributions are pre-set and automated, and for employees, their contributions and allocations are managed quite literally at the drag of a slider.”
  • Customer Support: “Zenefits has one of the best customer support platforms I’ve ever seen. As small business owners (and consultants), we don’t always have time to sit on a phone line on hold. Zenefits has great chat and email options where we can get resolutions to our problems on a range of topics.  We’ve always received fast, detailed responses.”
  • Community: “I also participate in ClubZen and value being a part of that online community, especially during these unique times. It’s been insightful to learn what other companies are doing to handle COVID-related disruptions, and to garner best practices for safely returning to work.”

“We’re less than halfway throughout the year and we’re already close to meeting our goal of doubling our team in 2020, and Zenefits is right there to scale as we grow.”