Simplifying People’s Lives at Narvar


Industry Technology
Location San Francisco, CA
Customer since 2014
Employees 150-300
Zenefits solutions
Paid Time Off, Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Benefits, Payroll Connect

Amit Sharma founded Narvar in 2012 with a vision to make the experience of online shopping easier. Today the company supports over 650 customers around the world including Bose, Sephora, LVMH, DSW, and Patagonia. Seventy percent of US adults have experienced better retail through Narvar’s customer experience platform which includes robust package tracking and seamless online returns and exchanges, underpinned by data intelligence. Narvar helps retailers turn customers into loyal advocates.

Likewise, the business is focused on making the everyday experience of its people equally streamlined. Zenefits helps Narvar uplevel and simplify its own team’s experiences.


Two years after its founding, Narvar’s fast growth presented it with a great problem to have: needing to scale the team and people operations quickly to support the business.


As a tech company, Narvar was keen to run its business on equally intuitive and powerful technology to streamline its operations — and needed the help fast. Zenefits’ value proposition and platform for easy HR and Benefits administration were right on target for Narvar’s needs.

Navigating Ambiguity 

One of the draws — and biggest challenges — of working in a thriving tech startup is its wide-open potential. In fact, Narvar’s values reflect on how it seeks to harness that potential: be humble, do great things together, take smart leaps and embrace ambiguity.

David Rudman, Narvar’s HR leader, helps ensure those values by hiring people aligned with the company’s beliefs: he hired over 150 people in his first year on the job, nearly doubling the size of the staff. Key to what he looks for in people across Narvar’s US, European, and Asian offices? The ability to make forward progress where there isn’t always a guidebook.

This is where Zenefits plays a pivotal role, freeing up team and resources to innovate and problem solve as customer and market needs evolve.

“Zenefits has been a really great partner for us,” says David. “When you consider we essentially onboard someone every other day, having a strong technology partnership to scale our efforts is critical.”

Supporting a Great Employer Brand

Beyond the back-office automation, David says that using Zenefits is also a great reflection on Narvar’s employment brand.

Onboarding through Zenefits reflects the kind of company we want to be. We look better because of Zenefits. It shows that we are a modern company, using technology solutions to simplify people’s lives.

David Rudman
Senior Director of People Operations

For example, Narvar’s onboarding experience includes the offer-to-benefits selection automation all with one email from Zenefits. And, Narvar goes a few extra steps to set up its new team members to be successful. The week before a new hire starts, Narvar uses Zenefits to trigger an additional email to be sent to the new hire and their manager to help them prepare for their first day. And when they do start, each employee is greeted with a personalized box of goodies, designed to look like a shipped package and pulled together using information collected through Zenefits’ onboarding flow.

“From my own onboarding experience, using Zenefits for the first time confirmed that I was joining a well-run company. Even as a scrappy startup, it shows we are making smart investments and that a good amount of thought and care is put into tools to help our people.”

That seamless, simple experience extends to benefits selection, paid time off, and a team connection.

“When it comes to taking care of our people, benefits are key. We have a great partnership with Zenefits’ broker partner, One Digital. They’ve offered great advice on our benefits strategy — especially as we grew past 100 employees to a traditionally more costly band. They’re integrated with Zenefits for an easy, cost-effective place for employees and admins to manage benefits.”

Narvar HR not only offers a flexible time-off policy, but they also use Zenefits to track that people are actually taking the paid time off. When the HR team sees an imbalance in Zenefits, they connect with managers to encourage their people to take a healthy amount of time for themselves.

Further, as the company has expanded across North America, Europe, and Asia, its people tap the organization chart in Zenefits to keep updated on teams and individuals across the globe. And likewise, the HR team celebrates individuals with prompts from Zenefits to welcome new hires weekly, and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries every month.

“Zenefits has been the first truly all-in-one HR system that I’ve used. Even in large companies, I’ve experienced products that are hacked together, homegrown or off the shelf, but never one with a cohesive experience like Zenefits.

“Because we are a tech company,” concludes David, “people here expect technology to run the business. The fact that Zenefits works smoothly underscores how impressive it is.”