Revity Builds Full Service Digital Marketing Business with Zenefits



Industry Marketing Agency
Location Provo, Utah
Customer since 2014
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Paid Time Off, Contractors, Payroll, Onboarding

In four and a half years, brothers Daniel and Jarrett Webster built a full-service digital marketing business with more than 100 clients in their home state of Utah. That keeps the founders pretty busy “wearing a lot of hats” that range from client consulting and business development to expanding its team and ensuring everyone gets paid.

Undaunted, these passionate entrepreneurs continue to build out their business investments including a new Revity office presence in Idaho and a “side hustle” business, SkyRev.


Sustaining an average annual growth rate at 30% requires a constant pulse on all facets of Revity’s digital marketing business. For the Webster brothers, this meant they needed to have a technology infrastructure in place for its business fundamentals as reliable as the apps they relied on to manage their client services.


Revity chose Zenefits People Platform for HR, onboarding, tracking time & attendance and paid time off.  As soon as Zenefits payroll was available in Utah, they added it as a pivotal piece in their Zenefits HR system of record.

Growing Geographically and Strategically

The old adage says: if you do a great job at work you are rewarded with… more work.  In the case of Revity’s marketing business, they are not only getting more business from current clients and new clients, but they are also winning more strategic work.

“With our current clients, we’ve grown into their de facto in-house marketing team,” says Jarrett Webster, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “And increasingly, we’re handling the creative and strategic level of work of the Chief Marketing Officer.”

The Websters’ first priority to handle this range of work: ensuring a good internal cultural fit.

“Because we spend a lot of time together, our interview rule of thumb is: could we take an eight-hour drive with this person and stay interested?” says Jarrett. “Also, as an icebreaker, we ask candidates: ‘if we pulled up your Netflix account, what would be the top three shows we’d find?’”

“Zenefits is a huge help in hiring,” adds Jarrett. It brought us from our informal early days — ‘Hey, wanna work with us? Okay, cool’ —to an official offer letter and straight forward onboarding. Our first employee’s start was an all-day affair; now the HR part is done before they start. Day one is now on learning our services.”

Revity hires people with marketing acumen. They also offer in-house training to help their team members increase the depth of their expertise. This culture-first approach has worked. Jarrett says they have only missed on one hire in 4.5 years of business.

Meanwhile, their business has flourished.

In fact, business demand is at the heart of the firm’s planned expansion, via acquisition, into Idaho. Jarrett recognizes that their culture will need to accommodate the new region, but stay true to Revity’s core values: hard work, reliability, and willingness to put in the extra work to do the job right.

Doing HR Right

Daniel Webster started another business before Revity and had used ADP. But Jarrett says that early on at Revity, their ADP payroll had some issues. The Websters read about Zenefits in early 2014 and started with Zenefits HR, for offer letters and onboarding, PTO and Time &  Scheduling, since Zenefits didn’t yet support payroll in Utah.

“We loved all of the tools Zenefits offered at an affordable price for our small business. We jumped all the way on the Zenefits wagon in early 2018 when Zenefits payroll services expanded to our state.

“Zenefits payroll (integrated with time and attendance and PTO ) has made running payroll so easy! I can’t even explain how much stress was relieved by having all of our tools integrated. Zenefits payroll is so simple to use and the ability to pay our 1099 contractors as well is a HUGE plus.”

For a small business owner who still wears several hats, the extra 3-5 hours Zenefits saves me every month is monumental! With Zenefits we have reduced the time and stress of getting our people paid.

Jarrett Webster,
Chief Operating Officer

Other Zenefits advantages include:

  • Easy support via chat
  • Zenefits HR Library: employee handbook examples, Utah law and policies
  • A clear picture of data: changed management from “I feel” to “I know” conversations

“Whenever I need anything, three clicks and I have it, with Zenefits,” says Jarrett. “When we left ADP, we had half of the team that we have now. Today, we still pay less with all of this on Zenefits than we paid for just payroll on ADP.”

“Without Zenefits, I would pull my hair out twice a month.”

Instead, Jarrett’s clearly got his head (with its many hats)  in the game of business expansion.