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Industry Technology
Location San Francisco, CA
Customer since 2016
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Commuter Benefits, Certified Broker Partner, Onboarding, Time And Scheduling, Core HR, Compliance, Benefits

Thanx is a marketing automation company built for the businesses that typically have the least data about their customers: “brick and mortar” restaurants, retailers and malls. They provide crucial insight to build better loyalty from return customers and understand how online promotions and feedback bring customers physically back to their operations for more.

These businesses were particularly hard-hit during the 2020 COVID pandemic. But Thanx’ customers that used its relationship management tools best before COVID are tapping its data-driven insights more deeply now to help them keep the lights on and to light the way to explore different offer offers that work in the “new normal.” Likewise, Thanx is using data insights in its own business to build better employee engagement.


Founded in 2012, shortly after the company raised its Series B funding at the end of 2016, the burgeoning tech business needed to bolster its own operations with technology to help it scale.


Thanx turned to Zenefits to help ensure the easy selection and self-service management for competitive benefits to help attract staff, as well as HR automation to streamline onboarding for its growing team.

It is personal, and it is business

In the competitive hiring environment in Silicon Valley, what has always made Thanx stand out is a personalized approach to team hiring, development, and engagement. Founder and CEO Zach Goldstein is involved in every hire, pushes his HR team to move their people practices from “better than their peers” to exemplary, and he even personally calls on his network to connect departing employees with their next opportunity.

But he doesn’t run his product nor his business by his gut. He marries his strategies with data. For example, he recently asked for a report on the company’s gender diversity.

“With Zenefits, I was able to pull reports in a few clicks that I didn’t previously know we had,” said Sterling Daniels, Operations Manager at Thanx.  “We learned that we are doing better than most tech companies with gender diversity. But our CEO explained that better is still not good enough. It was inspiring for us to hear and great to have Zenefits to help us be better in the fields that really matter!”

Sterling, who joined the company in 2016 after its standard rigorous interview process, has stayed because of the executive engagement with its team — and the opportunity to learn. In 4.5 years he’s worked on the company’s sales, operations, and HR teams.

“We want nimble players to take on new roles, wear multiple hats, and do it all with no ego.

“I am responsible for hiring and retaining top talent. And for ensuring diverse representation from the leadership to the broader team.  We do a quarterly benchmark to ensure diversity adjustments needed in our hiring initiatives.

“Our easy-to-use Zenefits reports help us understand we need to focus on next.”

Kenzo Hirakawa-Wong, Thanx

We can not —and will not— get rid of Zenefits; they've earned our trust with reliable products and services.

Kenzo Hirakawa-Wong
Finance Accounting Manager

Reliable and Trusted

“In a start-up you need reliable tools that work quickly and simply so people can balance multiple jobs,” added Kenzo Hirakawa-Wong, who leads finance and accounting at Thanx.

“We went from keeping records in DropBox, on Google Sheets and Excel to using Zenefits. Now we store employee records all in one place. I’ve recommended Zenefits to other start-ups because everything is simple, affordable and it centralizes access to salaries, medical, dental, vision, HSA, 401K, payroll, even compliance assistance. And our insurance broker, Zenefits partner One Digital, is quick, attentive, and gets us what we need.

“When 2020 hit, Gusto, whom we use for Payroll, was trying —hard— to sell us more.  We can not —and will not— get rid of Zenefits; they’ve earned our trust with reliable products and services.”