Performance Marketing Agency Flexes its Operations Game

Today's Business

Today’s Business

Industry Marketing Agency
Location Pinebrook, New Jersey
Customer since 2017
Employees 11-50
Zenefits solutions
Advisory Services, Performance Management, Benefits, Paid Time Off, Payroll, Core HR

In 2011, Today’s Business was founded by its three managing partners who gravitated towards each other through school and sports. The marketing agency they started in a basement “office” currently employs almost 30 people and supports a range of clients from professional athletes to medical practices. This firm was built on teamwork, performance and competitive spirit. In 2020, it relied on all of this to help support it against its fiercest competitor: the business mayhem caused by COVID-19.


In 2017, Today’s Business was growing and needed to establish some operational rigor. The young agency wanted a single HR system it could grow with. With the help of  digital marketing intern-turned operations specialist, Chelsea Giacchi, the agency embarked on the tech review to find a solution that fit their needs.


Today’s Business selected Zenefits. Initially, they tapped the People Platform for HR, onboarding and paid time off tracking. In 2019 they added performance management, payroll and an integration with 401k provider, Guideline.

As a marketing firm, Chelsea says that Today’s Business knows “we can’t manage what we can’t measure, so we’re also heavy users of the business intelligence reports built into Zenefits.”

The Operations Game Plan

Today, Chelsea is the VP of Operations. She joined the firm straight from college with a marketing degree. In that time, she’s helped drive the business from many vantage points. “I’ve been here since we were ‘paid in pizza’ to where we are today. It’s been exhilarating to have had a role in that growth.”

Smart operations is key to supporting the agency’s growth.

Like a good sports franchise, Today’s Business stays competitive by focusing on developing and retaining the best talent — and always looking to bring in the next great rookies. “We are continuously innovating and looking to do better,” adds Chelsea.

With that in mind, in 2019, Chelsea saw a better way to get even more from the Zenefits platform and added in payroll and a 401k partner integration.

“We switched to Zenefits plus Guideline 401K, from Intuit and Merrill Lynch. This allows our employees to control their own retirement — seamlessly!” Zenefits has made our HR and operations amazingly simple and reduced our administrative time spent on payroll and reporting by 50%.”

With Zenefits, we are continually having ‘ah-ha’ moments. Now, we look at how much more we can do and wonder why weren’t we doing this from the beginning!

Chelsea Giacchi
VP of Operations
Today's Business

Another example includes performance management.

“We used to do bi-annual or quarterly performance reviews. With Zenefits, now our team has more continual and productive conversations. The tool has allowed us the ability to adjust our process and see the impact of doing it the right way, versus being stuck because of the way a tool is implemented,” adds Chelsea.

Resetting: Together

In 2020 the game plan at Today’s Business has shifted by necessity.

“Winning in this climate is about strong leadership to anticipate, drive agility and opportunity. That included the agility to move its entire operations remote in the spring of 2020.

“Everyone left one Friday then never came back,” continues Chelsea. “And we quickly adapted with everything from virtual meditation, lunches, and client meetings to resetting requirements and expectations. Winning is getting to the other side of any obstacle and staying connected. We are a close-knit team and we fuel each other every day. The whole team can do everything HR all in one place —from wherever we are —which makes people feel more connected from the time they start.”

And when the operations team of one encounters HR and compliance issues that she can’t answer, Chelsea leans on Zenefits HR Advisory to ensure Today’s Business is doing the right thing.

“During these times, every company’s business details are under a magnifying glass,” concludes Chelsea.  “With Zenefits, we don’t have to worry about the many people operations tracking details. Zenefits helps our company to remain agile.”