Streamline hiring, onboarding, and employee
records management.

Onboard employees with a smart HR software solution.

Zenefits’ human resources (HR) software simplifies the way the way companies hire and onboard new employees. From sending offer letters and running background checks to letting new hires onboard themselves before their first day—it’s all done online, in one place, in minutes.

Goodbye admin overload. Hello effortless HR.

Our human resources information system (HRIS) consolidates your HR records online and automatically syncs your employee data across multiple key systems—including payroll, benefits, and time off. The result is a dramatic reduction in administrative busy work and employees who feel more empowered.

Zenefits HR Management

Harness your HR data to drive smarter decision-making.

With Zenefits’ business intelligence reports, you can easily visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there’s room for improvement. Take advantage of our preconfigured and custom HR software reports that give you access to real-time business intelligence.

Zenefits HR Reports

Minimize the busy work of managing employee documents.

Managing employee records can be a never-ending process of updating, uploading, and filing away. The Zenefits documents app automates much of this labor, making it easy for administrators to manage everything online, in one place.

Zenefits HR Documents

HR expertise at your fingertips.

HR questions come up all the time. But finding the answers isn't always easy. Lean on HR Library to find anything from state law summaries to productivity tools to the latest news on health care reform. We're here to help make your job easier.

Zenefits HR Library

HR Resources