Managing employee records can be a never-ending process of updating, uploading, and filing away documents for safekeeping. The Zenefits Documents app makes it easy for administrators to manage all of this online, in one place, while helping maintain these records over the entire duration of an employee’s time with your company—including post-employment.

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All your employee documents, available on demand

View the current status of all your employees’ documents at a glance, get a more detailed view with a single click, and even use filters to refine your view by location, department or employment status.

Easy filing and updating

Since the Documents app integrates with everything else you manage through the Zenefits platform—HR, benefits, compliance and more—it can update and easily file employee documents for you.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

View all employee documents

Take action on documents

Whether it’s reminding a new hire to sign their offer letter, or requesting your employees acknowledge and sign your company’s updated handbook, the Documents app makes it easy for you to ensure that time-sensitive documents are completed on schedule.

Built-in categorization

Built-in categories help ensure documents get filed by the right name and put in the right place.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Take action on documents

Support for your own documents

Need to add documents from outside the Zenefits platform? No problem. We make it quick and easy for you to upload documents from other sources.

In-product guidance

Hover over any document icon to get in-product guidance. Click on individual employee records to bring up a more detailed view where you can survey all the documents associated with that document category.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

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Hiring & Onboarding

Simplify the entire process for managers and new employees alike.


HR Management

Centralize HR records and integrate employee data across apps.


Business Intelligence Reports

Make smarter HR decisions driven by real-time data intelligence.

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