Hiring & Onboarding

Your business is a labor of love, but when it comes to adding new employees, it can often just feel like labor. Not anymore. The Zenefits Hiring & Onboarding app lets you handle these tasks in a matter of minutes—all in one place, all online. And it makes a great impression on your new hires for its simplicity and convenience.

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Hire employees 100% online

Send offer letters, run background checks, and get everything set up for your new hires in minutes. All without touching a single piece of paper.

New hires onboard themselves

Employees hired through Zenefits can complete the onboarding process online even before their first day on the job—from signing offer letters to starting their I-9, completing their W-4 and enrolling in benefits.

Create reminder email messages

Set up and send email reminders to your new hire’s manager and to other departments, such as IT, to help make your new employee’s onboarding experience smooth and easy.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Employees can self-onboard

Eliminate manual entry

Your new hire data syncs automatically with the rest of the Zenefits platform, eliminating the need for manual or duplicate data entry. When you hire a new employee through Zenefits, their information is instantly added to every app on your Zenefits dashboard, including:

  • Payroll
  • Benefits & Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Time & Attendance
  • Employee Directory
  • Any integrated 3rd party apps
  • And more

Store digital hiring documents & e-signatures

Preserve important HR documents such as offer letters, handbooks and W-4s online, and collect electronic signatures for a modern onboarding experience.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Automatically determining new hire benefits eligibility

Put compliance on autopilot

We’ll remind you to confirm employment eligibility, collect withholdings information, provide required notices, and more. Plus, Zenefits stores all completed forms online for easy recordkeeping and retention.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Create offer letter templates


“It’s really painless for me to go from 1-8 employees. It’s not an effort. I don’t even have to think about it. My onboarding time and hiring time is two minutes for an employee..”

Mike Kerins, CEO, Robust Wealth

“When we onboard our employees, it's really quick and easy. We get to focus on making sure that they're okay and they're happy, and being introduced to the company.”

Ashley Landazo, Office Manager, Rocksauce



HR Management

Centralize HR records and integrate employee data across apps.


Business Intelligence Reports

Make smarter HR decisions driven by real-time data intelligence.



Manage employee records online, in one place, with minimal effort.

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