Small to midsize businesses can now have access to the same kind of HR analytics that big businesses use. With Zenefits Business Intelligence Reports, you can easily visualize key HR data and gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where things need to improve.

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Preconfigured reports and charts

Zenefits provides a wide variety of preconfigured, downloadable reports and interactive charts that let you dig into the data from across all your Zenefits apps, including:

  • Compensation
  • Equal Opportunity Data
  • Headcount
  • Stock Option Grants
  • Turnover

Create custom reports

You can also create a custom report that captures the data fields you’re most interested in, and re-run it at any time to reflect the latest information.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Premade and custom reports

Automatic updates for real-time insights

Zenefits is a fully integrated platform which means that any changes made to company or employee-level data are automatically reflected in your reports. This real-time access to well-organized, relevant business data provides important advantages, such as controlling costs, identifying emerging trends, avoiding potential litigation, and predicting risks and results.

Pull your own reports

With Zenefits Reports, executives, administrators and managers alike have the power to view and analyze data in real-time—no more waiting for a 3rd party to pull reports. And if a report contains sensitive or restricted information, only those users with the appropriate permissions have access.

Zenefits HR Hiring Product

Real-time insight into headcount



Hiring & Onboarding

Simplify the entire process for admins and new employees alike.


HR Management

Centralize HR records and integrate employee data across apps.



Manage employee records online, in one place, with minimal effort.

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