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Zenefits and Thrive have partnered together to unlock and sustain your best performance. Programmatically improve well-being and productivity in your workforce, and cut the cost of stress.

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Insights, tips and tools to drive employee well-being.
Powered by Thrive.

Cutting Edge Science, Real Life Stories

Thrive is the leader in well-being, leveraging the latest science-based strategies and tools to help people achieve sustainable behavior change.

Well-being Interventions that Work

Thrive employs a programmatic approach to help all of your employees - encouraging the small, gradual changes that actually get traction with employees and ultimately result in behavior change and improved well-being.

Powered by Thrive
Measurement, Tracking, and Reporting.

Assess Your Team’s Well-being

Employees have access to several short proprietary assessment surveys developed by Thrive to measure different dimensions of well-being.

Track Progress and Identify Problem Areas

Individual employees are able to track their well-being scores over time, and company admins can monitor assessment results for teams, departments, and the company as a whole over time to identify changes in stress levels or to locate specific pockets of workplace stress.

Measurement, Tracking, and Reporting
Address employee stress before it contributes to productivity declines.

Personalized, Actionable Recommendations

Assessment results generate the personalized delivery of recommended, relevant well-being content, tools, and training from Thrive that’s triggered based on your employees’ answers, allowing your company to proactively address workplace stress through customized learning.

Triggered Content Delivery

Trigger customized Thrive content delivery based on potentially stress-inducing life events that are captured in the Zenefits platform.

Address employee stress before it contributes to productivity declines.