Compensation Best Practices (HR Checklist + Guide)

Compensation Best Practices (HR Checklist + Guide)

Retain top talent and stay competitive by offering the right pay.

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The majority of workers prioritize compensation.

In fact, employees in a Society for Human Resource Management study rated compensation/pay the second most important contributor to job satisfaction.

As a business leader, it may be challenging to establish what compensation amount is optimal for each employee and your overall company. We’re here to help.

In this guide, we’re providing:

  • Research on compensation and pay
  • Reflective questions for compensation strategizing
  • Market data resources
  • A checklist for compensation planning
  • Tips for conducting a pay audit
  • And more!

Compensating and rewarding your employees fairly shows you value their work and value them on a human level. Get started with this checklist and guide.

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