The Ultimate Resource To Navigating Healthcare

The Ultimate Resource To Navigating Healthcare

Benefits benchmark data, evaluation checklists, and more

Changing legal frameworks and rising healthcare costs have left most businesses confused about health insurance costs and reluctant to offer plans.

The good news is we’ve distilled disparate information into one resource with the Small Business Guide to Health Insurance to help you navigate healthcare complexity more easily — and ultimately make smarter decisions.

Access benefits benchmark data synthesized across three industry expert surveys to learn things like average costs, employer contributions, and how to communicate plan perks both internally and externally.

What’s included:

  • The pros / cons of offering healthcare
  • Benchmark employer contributions
  • Benchmark costs of premiums
  • Aspects of healthcare coverage deemed most important by employees
  • A comparison chart of popular plans
  • Evaluation checklists for brokers, plans, & technology

Use this guide to make informed decisions on which brokers to use, which plans to offer, and how best to roll out benefits to get the most out of your investment.