Create impact with people analytics


Create impact with people analytics

Discover how six real companies use HR data to make meaningful impact on business. One company increases employee retention, another reduces workplace safety incidents, and a third uses HR data to find $2.3M in additional revenue. Discover how they do it.

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Here’s an example of what’s inside:

“With a clearer understanding of where turnover was coming from, First West improved how they handle recruitment, employee selection, and career progression.

They created standard protocols for pre-screening, assessing, and handling the pool of candidates. They also heightened their focus on developing and promoting talent from within.


These actions helped First West Credit Union reduce turnover, increase annual revenue, and promote more internal employees.

With people analytics, First West achieved:

  • 3.1% reduction in organizational turnover over two years
  • 9.9% reduction in turnover of entry-level, client facing roles in one region over three years
  • 13.6% reduction in turnover of key banking roles in one region over two years

The results? A staggering $2.3 million in additional annual revenue!”