The HR Analytics You Need to Track

The HR Analytics You Need to Track

Unsure of which metrics to track in HR to make sure you have an effective, collaborative, HAPPY team? Grab this ebook to learn important metrics for each stage of your business.

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HR analytics is the process of collecting and analyzing HR data for the purpose of improving an organization’s overall workplace performance. This process is also sometimes called people analytics, workforce analytics, or talent analytics.

Identifying which HR metrics to track is only the first step in building an effective, data-driven HR team. It’s not enough to simply know what was happening. You also need to know why, and — in a highly optimized workplace — what could happen next.

To do this, HR teams must develop a comprehensive HR measurement and reporting strategy, one that coexists with the entire business.

This free guide teaches you 4 stages of HR analytics each more advanced than the next, to help your business grow. Download it now to access:

  • Operational reporting metrics
  • Advanced reporting metrics
  • Strategic analytics
  • Predictive analytics