HR Tips for Cannabis Companies

HR Tips for Cannabis Companies

Important HR tips to give your cannabis company a competitive edge while staying compliant — including how to run payroll and manage employee HR documentation.

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What’s the best choice for cannabis companies and HRIS?

Federal policymakers are inching ever closer to inking legislation that would allow cannabis businesses to have access to federal banks with FDIC insurance.

Zenefits is uniquely positioned to serve cannabis companies with full, integrated, and compliant HR, payroll, and benefits administration as soon as (and in the event that) federal banking legislation changes.

Already, we help dozens of established cannabis companies (from growers and cultivators, to industry tech companies) manage HR and workforce management. And we’re sticking out the turbulence of changing regulations to stay by your side.

This downloadable PDF includes a few important learnings we’d care to share with cannabis business leaders who manage HR.