HR Tips for Cannabis Companies

HR Tips for Cannabis Companies

Important HR tips to give your cannabis company a competitive edge while staying compliant — including how to run payroll and manage employee HR documentation.

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What’s the Deal With Cannabis and Payroll?

Federal policymakers are inching closer to inking legislation that would allow cannabis businesses to have access to federal banks with FDIC insurance.

But here at Zenefits we’ve partnered with Paragon to provide a full stop HRIS + payroll solution.

Paragon Payroll is an MRB-compliant banking partner, meaning you get a peaceful payroll experience that syncs automatically to your Zenefits HRIS solution. That’s right, that means no more worrying about getting the boot just because you’re in the cannabis industry for either HR reasons, or payroll reasons.

This is huge for cannabis companies looking to move passed the compliance regulations that stymie traditional growth.

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