POPS Academy

POPS Academy

Welcome to the future home to the POPS Academy, an online course that will help train HR professionals in People Operations.

Coming soon!

Comprehensive People Operations Training

This is the future home of POPS Academy, the first curriculum for People Operations led by Zenefits.

In this program you will learn about:

  • The future of work
  • Why traditional HR is failing
  • How to automate HR processes
  • How to transition in a people-centered business
  • How to design a great employee experience
  • How to measure POPS initiative to prove business value
  • How to manage a digital workplace
  • How to engage distributed teams
  • And more!

Geared for small and midsize businesses, this course it perfect for:

  • CEOs/Founders
  • COOs
  • Directors of People Operations
  • Directors of HR
  • HR managers