Put POPS to work for you!

Put POPS to work for you!

Congratulations! You’ve been gifted a copy of People Operations from PAi CoPilot.

Small businesses often have unique needs and objectives—shouldn’t the benefits you offer align with your company’s goals? PAi’s CoPilot Prime 401(k) plan is designed to support small businesses of all sizes, providing flexible plan options that fit your company’s budget and needs.

With American workers now placing retirement savings plans just behind health insurance as their most sought-after employee benefit, now’s the time to consider adding a CoPilot Prime 401(k) to your benefits package.

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Zenefits & PAi CoPilot - Better Together!

CoPilot Prime offers small business owners:

  • Automation and integration with Zenefits payroll to streamline the benefit processes
  • An alternative to state-run IRAs that satisfies retirement state mandates
  • Two layers of fiduciary protection & assistance with running the plan
  • Award-winning Customer Care