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Assess Your People Operations

Assess Your People Operations

This 3-min quiz to assesses the sophistication of your HR or People Operations department. Assess strengths in data, privacy, employee experience, and more.

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What Does It Measure?

The People Ops Maturity Model measures the extent  to which an organization’s people operations are driven by established and documented best practices, processes,  standards and metrics proven to drive business outcomes.

Based on our work with over 30,000 small and midsize businesses, it helps a company assess, develop and refine your people programs by identifying  current state, a desired future state, and blueprint to get there.

Learn where you stand on:

  • Data
  • Privacy
  • Employee managment
  • Employee experience
  • HR data integration
  • Process & optimization

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The People Operations Maturity Model was originally coined and developed in the 2021 book: People Operations.