The State of PTO in Small Business

The State of PTO in Small Business

Shifting Policies Collide With A Changing Workforce

The State of Paid Time Off: A Look at Small Businesses

Trends come and go, but how much employees care about their paid time off (PTO) is always a hot topic. New research sheds light on which trends, preferences, and shifts are impacting PTO policies among small businesses.

Featuring data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, survey data of 600 employees at small businesses, and interviews with small business owners across the country, this new report reveals what the state of PTO looks like today. It’s packed with insights and data-backed advice.

Download the report for access to:

  • New research on the most common and popular PTO policies
  • Top concerns of employees about PTO
  • PTO policies broken down by industry and region
  • A focus group of small business owners on PTO trends

And much, much more!