Comparing a PEO to Zenefits

Comparing a PEO to Zenefits

Considering switching from a PEO to internally managed payroll and benefits solution? Gain access to a comparison chart of using a PEO vs Zenefits.

Thinking about switching off of your PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) help small businesses manage payroll, payroll taxes, and other HR functions in cost effective ways. But as businesses grow they may consider alternatives that allow greater flexibility, fewer fees, and more control over payroll, HR, and benefits.

This is usually decided on a cost vs. benefit analysis.

While each business is unique and should weigh the pros and cons of available options, we’ve provided a basic pros/cons list of PEOs vs. Zenefits in this 2-page PDF, including questions of:

  • mobility
  • control
  • benefits options
  • service and support
  • reporting and analytics


If you’d like more information on PEOs vs. Zenefits email [email protected].