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The Ultimate Broker Success Kit

The Ultimate Broker Success Kit

Attract and retain clients with the most popular guides, templates, and resources across HR, Payroll and Benefits. Differentiate yourself as the broker of choice and a trusted partner. Looking to partner with Zenefits? Just email us at [email protected]

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Everything your clients need

The Ultimate Broker Success Kit, provides a foundation of materials to help your clients accelerate their HR practices into truly streamlined functions. We’ve consolidated the most popular materials across HR, Payroll and Benefits for you to offer to your clients, and set them up for success.

Along with our premium content, Brokers can leverage our award-winning platform to automate their clients efforts through HR, Payroll and Benefits. We love working with Brokers across the United States, and they seem to love us too — see what they’re saying below! Email us at [email protected] to get started!