All-in-one HR software that saves you time

All-in-one HR software that saves you time

Streamlined HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Hiring. Improved compliance and productivity.

Your business IS ready for the new HR

TriNet Zenefits provides HR for today’s modern, mobile workforce, trusted by over 10,000 start-up and medium-sized businesses.

The challenges of growth-focused companies are unique.  We’ve natively built HR, Payroll and Benefits technology to support your productivity, scaling, and compliance needs, so you can keep focusing on your business.

Our award-winning people operations platform makes it easy to unify and streamline your HR, benefits, and payroll systems in one simple and secure platform. By bringing TriNet and Zenefits together, we make this commitment even stronger with:

  • The best employee experience
  • The best HR support
  • Powered by the strongest payroll engine
  • All seamlessly integrated with an unrivaled technology experience…
  • To drive business success.

This is the new HR.

Onboard employees faster and easier

Your staff are your most valuable assets, and the quicker you can get them onboarded and ramped, the better everyone. With the TriNet Zenefits platform, new hires can onboard themselves, with information synced to Benefits and Payroll, saving you time and ensuring they’re ready to go on day one.

Streamline payroll processes

Flexible, accurate, and easy payroll that supports hourly, seasonal, salaried, shift, or contract employees.

A few clicks, and you’re done…but don’t worry, we didn’t stop there. Our payroll is packed with advanced features you need like unlimited pay runs, year-end W2/1099s, and a seamless integration with our Time and Attendance and scheduling tools.

Save time on manual HR tasks

Your time is invaluable. Our Time and Attendance and Scheduling eliminates manual busywork, syncing seamlessly with HR, Benefits and Payroll. It also allows you to control how your employees clock in and out — via iPad, mobile, or laptop

Did you know?

TriNet Zenefits customers save up to a full week of work by using our tool, typically spend 50% less time onboarding new employees, AND up to 90% less time on payroll and benefits after moving to our all-in-one digital platform.

Stay compliant with government regulations

Keeping your business compliant is made easier with TriNet Zenefits. We automate many of the compliance tasks and government filings for you. Our built-in safeguards prevent costly errors, while our compliance calendar ensures you never miss an important deadline.

First timer or don’t have an HR team? With TriNet Zenefits Advisory Services, you have unlimited access to our team of HR and payroll experts for help on everything from navigating multi-state compliance, to overtime rules, to dealing with difficult employee situations.

Expanded support through partner ecosystem

Our partnerships give you the power to integrate with your other day-to-day software solutions. From time tracking to retirement saving plans; background checks to state-mandated workplace compliance and safety trainings, create easy workflows that move with your organization.

We’re Ready to Help Your Business

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