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Partner Webinars

Partner Webinars

Scroll down for a list of upcoming or recently recorded webinars from our recommended partners, who will be offering tips, tools, and special offers for Zenefits customers.

Legal Services

Legal Documents Without the Lawyer

Presented by

Get top-tier legal help and the legal documents your business needs, at an affordable rate. Learn how SixFifty leverages technology and and the nation’s top technology law firm to help SMBs stay covered & compliant.

In this 30-min session, you will learn:

  • Legal documents SixFifty automates
  • How SixFifty works, and how you can start using it today
  • SixFifty’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy, which is free for Zenefits customers

Watch the recorded webinar here

Equity Management

Equity Essentials: Empowering Employees to Maximize Equity

Presented by

Equity ownership can change lives, but understanding it is not easy. According to Carta, 65% of vested options are left on the table, meaning that employees are walking away from the value they helped create.

In this 40-min webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand your equity grant agreement
  • Actions you can take, from grant to exercise to sale
  • Basic tax implications of equity compensation

Request the recorded webinar here

Sales Teams

How to Scale Sales Teams and Optimize the Sales Process

Presented by

Your sales team is growing… Get your sales strategy, systems, and process in place for growth.

Forward this to your sales leaders and salespeople who are growing from one to many, want to learn how to build sales strategies and tactics, and want to win and scale.

In this session, you will learn:
  • How to set-up your sales process and reduce friction between sales/marketing
  • How to scale up with automation
  • Best practices reporting, tools, and tracking
  • Live Q & A

Watch the recorded webinar here

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Health Coverage

How to Save up to 40% on Medical Coverage

Presented by

March 3, 10am PT
Identify some of the growing trends in healthcare and tackle affordability with a more innovative option for medical coverage. Cut costs, and make employees happy.

In this 30-min session, you will learn:

  • Medical coverage trends
  • What more affordable options look like
  • Live Q&A

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Financial Management

Transforming Your Business with World-Class Financial Management

Presented by

Wed, March 10, 10am PST
Manual processes, user errors, lack of visibility into your business’ health – all of these issues are common with outdated and incompetent accounting systems. Sage Intacct’s best-in-class, AICPA-endorsed, award winning cloud financial management solution can help you solve these problems.

In this 30 minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Common challenges in many accounting departments
  • How Sage Intacct scales with your business and automates your processes
  • The benefits of using Zenefits and Sage Intacct together

Financial Wellness

The Employers’ Role in Financial Wellness
+ A free employee financial wellness guide

Presented by

Wed, March 24, 10am PST
Employers are playing an increasingly important role in helping their employees save, and not just for the distant future. Nearly two in five employees live paycheck to paycheck. 

Join us for a webinar discussion with Dan Egan, VP of Behavioral Finance and Investing at Betterment, where he’ll share thoughts on:

  • The top financial anxieties plaguing employees today
  • How you as employers can help employees address common financial concerns
  • Available tools to help beginners take control of their financial security

Webinar attendees will receive a copy of Betterment’s “Business Owners Guide to Employee Financial Wellness.”

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