Workplace well-being: what small businesses need to know

Workplace well-being: what small businesses need to know

When your teams thrive, so does your business.

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Join Ruslan and Matt as they discuss what small businesses should look out for in workplace well-being in 2020.

Beth Steinberg

Chief People Officer
Beth is Zenefits' Chief People Officer, where she oversees the ongoing execution of HR policies and practices, and guides Zenefits in workforce strategy, talent development and organization management. Beth has held leadership positions at some of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley including BrightRoll (acquired by Yahoo), Sunrun, Facebook and Electronic Arts. She has also held positions at Nike, Hewlett-Packard and Nordstrom. Most recently, Beth's advisory firm Mensch Ventures helped dozens of companies enhance company culture to drive business results.

What does well-being mean for your small business?

95% of HR leaders say employee burnout makes it harder to retain good talent — and 81% of small businesses say turnover is a costly problem.

How can growing businesses keep their teams healthy, safe, and productive without a Fortune-500-sized investment?

Join us as experts from Thrive Global and Zenefits discuss the top well-being trends small businesses should know about — and practical ways they can do more with less.