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Zenefits 2022 Partner Webinar Series

Zenefits 2022 Partner Webinar Series

We have a fantastic partner ecosystem whose offerings round out our HRIS solution. Sign up for upcoming webinars to learn ways you can level up your business and create more efficient workflows.

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Zenefits helps thousands of small and mid-size companies drive performance by streamlining people operations: the workforce, compliance and performance issues that are the difference between success and failure.

We also know businesses could use support in other areas. Enter: our Zenefits Partner Webinar Series — 30-minute chats with our recommended partners offering tips, tools, and special offers for our Zenefits friends and family.


Bridging the Gap: Mental Well-being and Professional Development with Boon Health

Work and home life boundaries have never been as blurred, yet many employers still struggle with how to best take care of their employees in remote or hybrid environments while sustaining the workplace culture remotely.

The wakeup call for employers is clear: employees are now demanding more workplace well-being resources, and are prepared to leave if they aren’t feeling supported. The good news? correlation between mental well-being and success in the workplace is evident, and is easier to implement than you’d think.

Join us for a 30-minute fireside chat with co-founder and CEO of Boon Health, Alex Simmons, as we discuss how career and well-being coaching intersect, and how these programs create opportunities to build deeper connections with your employees while differentiating your business.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Gaps in traditional EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs), and how Boon Health has increased usage rates by 10x
  • Removing barriers to workplace wellness and the importance of ‘resilience’
  • How mental well-being coaching can impact professional development and workplace productivity
  • Business ROI of implementing a mental well-being platform
  • Tips for implementing a successful workplace well-being program




Enjoy some of our previous partner webinars below!

Returning to Work Responsibly: A Zenefits and SixFifty Roundtable

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Watch the recording here.

COVID workplace regulations are an ever-changing topic. While the federal government issued mandate is now on pause as courts consider whether the mandate is constitutional, a handful of states have started to pass their own mandates — some going into effect before end of year.

  • New York issued a vaccine mandate that takes effect December 27, 2021
  • California issued proposed COVID-19 regulations to extend and revise the current emergency temporary standards set to expire on January 14, 2022
  • More strict workplace rules are expected with Omicron’s emergence

Given the frequent changes to COVID policies and the law, it’s important to equip your company with what’s needed to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Join this roundtable discussion with Zenefits VP of People, Danny Speros,  VP of Legal Product at SixFifty, Adrienne Jack, and Marie Kulbeth, General Counsel, VP of Legal Product at SixFifty as they discuss COVID workplace regulations, the OSHA Federal ETS mandate, and best practices for returning to work responsibly.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is next for mandates? What does it mean that the Federal ETS is stayed?
  • Which states have implemented COVID-19 regulations?
  • With more strict workplace rules expected with Omicron’s emergence, how can we stay up to date?
  • What best practices should your company consider with regards to COVID-19?

About SixFifty

SixFifty’s team of award-winning employment attorneys work with employment law experts to automate legal policies that cover vaccination, testing, screening procedures, travel, record keeping, and more. Through SixFifty, our technology allows you to generate up to date, top-tier legal documents, in minutes and at a fraction of the cost of using an attorney.


CalSavers vs Human Interest 401(k):
What Employers Should Know

Presented by

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Watch the recording here.

The state of retirement has changed drastically over the last few years. With pensions disappearing along with the dwindling confidence in social security, states are taking it into their own hands to help employees save for a better financial future. Many states have begun requiring employers to offer a company-sponsored retirement plan to their employees including the state of California. As of June 2022, California will require all business owners with 5+ employees to offer a qualified retirement plan or CalSavers, the state-sponsored plan.

Join us for a conversation with Chris Horne, Regional Vice President at Human Interest to learn more on the pros and cons of enrolling in CalSavers vs a private 401(k) provider. In this webinar we’ll dive into the following topics from our experts:

  • How the current state of retirement impacts employees and employers
  • The responsibilities of managing a CalSavers plan
  • Penalties for companies that do not comply by June 2022
  • Saving on a 401(k) through tax credits like the SECURE Act
  • The long term benefits of a private 401(k) provider

Registrants will receive a special Quick Guide to Retirement Planning after the webinar!



401(k) and Tax Benefits for SMBs

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Watch the recording here.

Small business owners underutilize 401(k) plans—mostly due to cost, confusion, and limited resources. A modern-day 401(k) can be a low-cost, easy-to-navigate solution for SMB’s of any size. Join this informative, conversational 30-minute webinar to hear a Guideline 401(k) expert share his experiences helping SMBs develop their ideal 401(k) plan.