Online training to educate employees and stay compliant

Online training to educate employees and stay compliant

Get access to 150+ video training courses through the Zenefits and Zywave integration. Zenefits customers who subscribe to HR Advisory Services get full access at no additional cost. Scroll down to learn more.

What is Zywave Learning?

Zywave Learning is an online learning management system with over 150 professionally developed and interactive video courses for employees and managers, available in both English and Spanish.

Courses include:

  • State Specific Sexual Harassment Courses
  • Workplace Harassment & Violence
  • Diversity & Ethics
  • Coronavirus Prevention & Response
  • Cybersecurity
  • Employee & Manager Success
  • OSHA Compliance
  • And more

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What does Zywave look like?

View a sample training course

See Zywave in Action

There are 3 ways to view a Zywave demo:

When watching the demo, keep in mind that the Zenefits integration will import your employee list for you!

Integrate Zywave with Zenefits

When you add the Zywave app to your Zenefits account, you’ll have access to:

Zywave Learning

  • Assign specific courses individually or in bulk
  • Automated email reminders for employees
  • Certificates of completion
  • Reporting on employee trainings
  • Compliance tracking for government-mandated training requirements
  • Mobile access to complete training anytime, anywhere


  • Import your company directory into Zywave
  • Track course completion
  • Report on the training status of your workforce

Add the Zywave app to your Zenefits account

  1. Log in to your Zenefits dashboard
  2. Go to Add Apps, click Zywave Learning
  3. Follow the prompts to create a Zywave account, or activate your existing account

Questions? Visit Zenefits Help Center: How to integrate Zywave with Zenefits

Zywave Pricing

There are two options for accessing Zywave courses:

Unlimited access with HR Advisory 

Subscribe to Zenefits Advisory Services to get on-demand HR support, along with unlimited access to all Zywave training courses at no additional charge.

Purchase a la carte

Alternatively, you can purchase Zywave courses at $19.95 per employee, per training, which will be billed to your Zenefits account.

There is no fee to add the Zywave integration to your Zenefits account– so feel free to set it up, poke around, and when you’re ready, you can assign out courses from within the Zywave platform.

How to Articles

Helpful resources to get you set-up and on your way.

Have questions?

  • Zenefits customers: Contact us via the Help center in your Zenefits dashboard
  • Existing Zywave customers: Call 866-499-9283, or via chat on the Zywave website

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Zywave videos look like?

View a sample video here:

I don't see Zywave in my Zenefits Account

Applications that incur charges are visible only to main, primary, or full admins on the account. Please request one of your admins to add the Zywave app within their Zenefits dashboard, or provide you with updated admin access.

How much is Zywave, and what is included?

Zywave courses are $19.95 per employee, per training, and will be billed to your Zenefits account. You will have full access to the Zywave library of 150+ courses.
Those who subscribe to Zenefits HR Advisory services will have full access to Zywave Learning at no additional cost.

Is there a fee to add the Zywave app?

There is no fee to add the Zywave app to your Zenefits account. You will only be billed for completed trainings, and those will appear on your Zenefits account, at $19.95 per completed training, per employee. If you have Zenefits HR Advisory services, you will not be charged for Zywave trainings.

How do I assign courses?

After you've set up your account and authorized Zywave access, you can assign courses through the Zywave platform.
For instructions on how to assign courses, please visit:

Tell me more about HR Advisory Services

Our expert HR Advisors provide unlimited, on-demand support for your HR and payroll needs. Your subscription to HR Advisory services also includes unlimited access to Zywave. Learn more at

How do I add HR Advisory Services?

Contact your Zenefits account representative, or through the Help section of your Zenefits dashboard.

Add Zywave to your Zenefits Account

Log in to your Zenefits dashboard, add the Zywave app, and follow the prompts to create a Zywave account.

No fee to add the Zywave app; Pay for completed trainings only.