Zenefits Community Guidelines and Rules Addendum

Last updated on December 19, 2016

This Zenefits Community Guidelines and Rules Addendum (GRA) governs your use of and/or participation in the Zenefits Community. The Zenefits Community is an online forum for Zenefits customers to engage with one another and/or with Zenefits advisors to discuss Zenefits products, including Insurance Services available from or through Zenefits. This GRA supplements and incorporates the Zenefits Terms of Use Agreement (Agreement). If any term of this GRA expressly conflicts with any term of the Agreement, this GRA will control. Except as modified herein, all other terms and conditions in the Agreement will remain in force. Capitalized terms not defined in this GRA have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

By creating a Zenefits Community profile, you signify that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by this GRA and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the Zenefits Privacy Policy. Zenefits may update this GRA from time to time, and will notify you of any material changes. Zenefits may, in its sole discretion, remove members from the Zenefits Community for any reason or no reason, including, but not limited to, violations of any term or condition of this GRA.

1. Zenefits Community Guidelines.

You should engage with other Zenefits Community users and participants in accordance with these high-level principles:

  • Be polite
  • Keep it professional
  • Respect others’ rights and follow the law

2. Zenefits Community Rules.

Below are more specific parameters that should govern your behavior when using and/or participating in the Zenefits Community:

  • You should act honestly and professionally and only contribute content that is your own or that you have
    authority to contribute
  • You should refrain from posting any offensive, inappropriate or objectionable content, or act in an unlawful,
    libelous, or discriminatory manner
  • You should not harass, abuse or harm other Zenefits Community users or participants
  • You should not post anything containing malicious software code, malware, ransomware, viruses or other harmful
  • You should not interfere with the operation of the Zenefits Community
  • You should notify Zenefits Community administrators of any compromised accounts, suspicious activity or any violations of this GRA
  • You should comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation:

    • Privacy Laws. Don’t disclose personal information without authorization from the individual. Personal information includes names, email addresses and phone numbers, among other unique identifiers.

      Never disclose any sensitive personal information of an individual on the Zenefits Community.
      Examples of sensitive personal information include: Social Security Numbers, health information
      about individuals or personal details that might embarrass or harm a person.

    • Intellectual Property Laws. Don’t take others’ protected ideas or creative works posted in the Zenefits Community forums. If you find any content there that infringes on your copyright, please follow our Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process outlined in Section 5 below
    • Anti-Spam Laws. Don’t use the Zenefits Community to promote other services or productsor as a source for leads to solicit business outside of the Zenefits Community

3. User Profile

When you join the Zenefits Community, you will create a profile, including a screen name tied to your Zenefits account, through which you will interact with other users in the Zenefits Community forums. We may refuse to grant you, and you may not use, a screen name that is already being used by someone else, that impersonates another person, that belongs to another person (without that person’s prior consent), that violates the intellectual property or other rights of another person, that is vulgar or otherwise offensive or that we reject for any other reason, at our sole discretion. Zenefits may terminate your Zenefits Community account if any of the information you provide is found to be inaccurate, false, out of date or incomplete.

4. Member Generated Content

Zenefits Community content comes from a variety of sources, but primarily from Zenefits Community members. Zenefits makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy, completeness or truthfulness of any material or content submitted or found in the Zenefits Community forums that is not produced by Zenefits Community administrators. Zenefits is not liable for any third party website links posted in the Zenefits Community, as further set forth in Section 6 of the Agreement.

You are responsible for your decision to act upon information, content or material provided or posted by Zenefits Community members. Zenefits makes no guaranty as to the confidentiality or privacy of any communication, information, content or material in the Zenefits Community.

If you provide any Ideas on the Zenefits Community, you agree that you have the rights necessary to submit the Ideas and that Zenefits is free to use and disclose the Ideas, including incorporating the Ideas in our Service, without restriction and without any additional compensation to you.


Zenefits respects creators’ rights to their creative works and will follow the following process when notified of content that may infringe on another’s copyright.

  • If you believe that work belonging to you has been included in the Zenefits Community without your permission, please notify Zenefits by sending a written notification of the claimed infringement to either:

    YourPeople, Inc. dba Zenefits – Community Administrator
    2nd Street, North Tower, Suite 401
    San Francisco, CA 94107


    By email to: [email protected]

  • Your DMCA notice must contain your or your agent’s physical or electronic signature or the signature of an individual authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner
  • You must identify the copyrighted work that is allegedly infringed upon by the content in the Zenefits Community
  • You must identify the infringing content sufficiently so that the Zenefits Community administrators can find it and take action
  • You must provide Zenefits with sufficient information to contact the copyright owner (email address, physical address, phone number, etc.)
  • You must also provide both:

    • A statement that you have a good faith belief that the use of the content in the manner you are complaining of is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law; and
    • A statement that the notification is accurate and, under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner, if the complaining party is not him/her self the copyright owner