Licensing compliance
built right into SalesForce? This free App makes it easy.

Licensing+ is the first and only app built to integrate insurance license compliance directly into Salesforce. By automatically cross-checking state requirements against individual agent status, Licensing+ helps ensure that credentials are always up to date. This app has been a hugely successful part of our compliance efforts at Zenefits, and we’re excited to now make it available for the benefit of everyone—for free!

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Real-Time License Checks & Verification

With Licensing+, you don’t have to worry whether your agents are in compliance. If a license has lapsed, the issue will automatically be flagged, and that agent will be prevented from using Salesforce to contact clients in that state until the licensing issue is resolved.

Easy Integration with Existing Workflows

Licensing+ integrates directly with your Salesforce workflows, meaning there are no additional system requirements—and therefore, no additional costs. It works in the background, almost invisibly, giving agents and administrators confidence in their compliance.

Automatic Syncing with NIPR Database

Frequent updates to the National Insurance Producer Registry can make it challenging to stay current on licensing requirements. With Licensing+, those updates are automatically pushed to your database—essentially eliminating the compliance paper chase.

Customizable Settings to Suit Your Needs

Licensing+ comes pre-populated with the settings used by Zenefits, but you can easily create your own rules with the customizable setup wizard. As workflows change, updating Licensing+ to align with the new parameters is quick and simple.

Insurance Licensing and So Much More

Insurance isn't the only industry with complex licensing requirements. Many fields—including financial services, professional services, and medicine—require periodic renewal of credentials. Licensing+ makes it easy for professionals like these, and others, to ensure that they're always in compliance.


Want to know more? Visit the Help Center

We recommend reading all documentation to verify the functionality of the app against your business requirements. It is strongly encouraged that you first install and test Licensing+ into a developer or sandbox (i.e., test) environment. You can sign up for a free test environment here. Once you are satisfied with the functionality of the app, you can deploy it to your Production environment. Click here for some more Salesforce AppExchange FAQs.

We recommend any business owner to consult their Salesforce Administrator before installing the app. Anyone with System Administrator privileges can install Licensing+.

Licensing+ is approved on the Salesforce AppExchange. All apps that live on the AppExchange are required to go through a review process to ensure they meet a set of security standards and best practices. More details on the Salesforce security review process can be found here. The app is customizable to ensure your system administrator has control over Licensing+ security settings.

Zenefits does not have access to or export any data in your Salesforce instance if you download and install Licensing+.

Licensing+ is a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange. Therefore, the app will always support upgrades.

There are no fees associated with installing and using Licensing+. Licensing+ streamlines the ability to integrate Salesforce with the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) to help keep your license database up to date. If you choose to take advantage of this functionality, NIPR does charge a standard nominal fee for access to their database that is not dependent on use of Licensing+. Also, hosting the Heroku app can have costs associated with it as well.