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Whether you’re looking to sharpen your HR skills personally, or show your employees how your company values its people, you’ll love People Operations: Automate HR, Design a Great Employee Experience, and Unleash Your Workforce. Use this page to order books in any quantity.

The best future-of-work book for business leaders and HR managers

One of the most timely and relevant books on human capital management given the COVID-19 pandemic, a rise in hybrid and remote workforces, and the “future of work.”

This is the one book companies can rely on to learn how to use technology to keep employees connected, engaged, and productive.

In a nutshell, the book is about how a new approach to human relations is becoming critical for business success.


People are a company’s greatest asset, and let’s face it — the workforce is changing.

Employees want greater flexibility, and companies want to reduce costs. As the rise in the open talent economy and proliferation of technology have changed our work environments.

People Operations dives deep on how to stop working on tedious administrative tasks “aka paperwork” and shift to empowering your workforce “aka peoplework.”

Here's what people are saying about the book:

“Regardless of your business’s size, if you employ people, you want to empower them to create the most value they can for your customers and their fellow employees…. But there are lots of other demands on your time that can take your eye off the ball…. People Operations shows you how you can use technology and tools to offload all that other stuff so you can focus your energies on the stuff that really matters.”

Geoffrey Moore,
Author, Crossing the Chasm

“People Operations is critical reading for businesses of all sizes. The book expertly lays out an updated vision for what had traditionally been considered "human resources" and makes clear that a new way of thinking about engaging with and managing employees is not just needed, it is critical for the success of businesses in the 21st century.”

Seth Levine,
Co-author of The New Builders;
Partner and co-founder
of Foundry Group

“People Operations is a practical must-read guide for small business owners. Have your to-do list handy when you’re reading it, because you’ll get a very long list of ideas you’ll want to implement immediately.”

Neel Doshi,
Co-author, Primed to Perform;
Co-Founder, The Vega Factor.

“People Operations provides a prescriptive and pragmatic playbook for going from paper work to people work, giving small businesses a competitive advantage by bringing the human back in the center.”

Pat Wadors,
Chief Talent Officer, Procore

“Here's the thing that the People Operations book does that small business entrepreneurs don't get in business school, from investors, and certainly not from HR Tech providers: practical, actionable ideas and examples to build your people and your business. The authors of this book, who are also small business leaders, recognize the obstacles and the opportunities that many business books overlook: winning is a team sport.”

Ronnie Lott,
Small Business Owner,
Investor and Hall of Fame Athlete

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We're moving from an IT-driven economy to and HR-driven economy. The value of technology has been proven over the last 10 years, and now the competitive advantage lies in our ability to unleash our employees to maximum potential.

By automating traditional HR processes, POPS shifts attention from tactical administrative work to people and productivity. People Ops is responsible for designing a great employee experience with pivotal people moments that make work exciting, rewarding and engaging for your team.

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