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Work just changed. 79.8% of small business leaders say the pandemic has permanently changed the way their people and their companies work. The POPS! Podcast shares fresh thinking, examples and answers to build your people and your business in the new world of work.


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Q&A: What’s the advantage of People Ops vs. HR?

Kevin Marasco, CMO at Zenefits
Jan 14, 2021
People Operations not only a fast-growing career option, it is a change in philosophy, practice and results that is good for business. And it's great for small business, which is nimbler and better able to adopt and advance it than bigger business. Just like Finance, Sales and Marketing functions have all been operationalized for the...

Q&A: Why a Safe Harbor 401k might be the right fit

Richard Lane, Partnerships Manager at Guideline
Aug 11, 2022
According to a recent AARP article, 48% of Americans age 55 and older have no retirement savings. This is a staggering number is what we call the “retirement crisis.” And it’s even more exaggerated within small businesses. To help share the importance of offering a 401(k) plan and doing so easily is Richard Lane, Partnerships...

Q&A: Who is HR’s HR?

Lora Patterson, HR Advisor at Zenefits
Jul 21, 2022
As the future of work continues to evolve, employers and HR leaders are seeing a steady increase in the importance of how we treat the people who make up our organizations. But unfortunately, HR employees themselves might get forgotten. On this episode, Lora Patterson, Senior People Ops Advisor at Zenefits, joins to share where employees...

Q&A: How do I support an employee through a health crisis?

Ankur Patel and Shelley Dorais, Ankur Patel, Director of Product Marketing, and Shelley Dorais, Director of Customer Success and Renewals at Zenefits.
Jul 14, 2022
From long COVID to major injuries, life hits us hard when we least expect it. As an employer, how do you support an employee through a health crisis like this? Ankur Patel, Director of Product Marketing at Zenefits, and Shelley Dorais, Director of Customer Success and Renewals, both recently experienced major health challenges. They learned...

Q&A: When 80% of people hate performance reviews, how can we make them better?

David Watson, Product Marketing Manager, Zenefits
Jul 7, 2022
Why do 80% of people hate performance reviews? Before opening that can of worms, we have to first understand why companies even conduct performance reviews in the first place. To help unpack this topic is David Watson, Product Marketing Manager at Zenefits, joins this episode to share the three most common pitfalls of the performance...

Q&A: Why you should consider the imperfect candidate

Lora Patterson, HR Advisor at Zenefits
Jun 30, 2022
Every hiring manager wants to find the absolute best candidate they can for an open position at their company, but is that the best approach? Lora Patterson, Senior People Ops Advisor at TriNet Zenefits, says the answer is actually no. If you want to find the best new hires for your company, you should strongly...

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Every week, we share the decisions, struggles, and successes for keeping up with an evolving workforce and a changing workplace. No matter if you’ve been in HR or are just getting started, this combination of transformational stories with actionable ideas, as well as context on hot issues, keeps you up-to-date while answering the questions you didn’t even know you had.

Oh, and you know what they say about all work and no play? We tossed in a little levity to keep it real. Lessons, answers, and humor: everywhere you listen to podcasts.

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Didi D’Errico

VP Communications at Zenefits
Didi gets the enviable job of interviewing the best and brightest minds in small business about their insights on what builds culture, connectivity, resilience and growth. She also leads the company’s customer advocacy and community programs as well as influencer relations efforts.

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