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PREVIEW: People Operations just made it to the Wall Street Journal’s Bestseller list: Here’s why

Didi D'Errico, Vice President of Communications at Zenefits
Jul 22, 2021

Big news! People Operations, our new book, made the Wall Street Journal’s list of Top 5 Bestselling New Business Books two weeks in a row. But what does this tell us?

Big news! People Operations, our new book, made the Wall Street Journal’s list of Top 5 Bestselling New Business Books two weeks in a row. It points to a big appetite for resources to help small businesses understand and deal with the changing workforce and workplace—and yes, it’s still evolving. 

In this PREVIEW episode, host Didi D’Errico shares startling new stats on the Great Resignation and how the People Operations book can help you create a strategy to recruit and retain talent.

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  • [00:22-01:10] Our exciting news!
  • [01:11-02:14] The Great Resignation: Why people are (still) leaving jobs in record numbers
  • [02:14-03:27] How to recruit and retain talent heading into 2022
  • [03:27-03:50] POPS! Quiz


Didi: This is PREVIEW, the show highlighting the people operations trends you need to know. I’m your host Didi D’Errico the Vice President of Communications at Zenefits. On this show, we like to share numbers and the emerging stories behind them. For this episode, I’ve got some exciting news. Well, okay.

Maybe it’s going to sound like a humble brag, but bear with me at Zenefits, we’re kind of geeking out at a new nationwide stat for the past two weeks in a row. People operations, our new book made the wall street journals list as a top five bestselling new business. Yup. That’s gratifying that the book that motivated this podcast earned some kudos, but that’s not the story here.

The story is the appetite, the businesses like yours coming out of the pandemic have for resources to help them understand and deal with the vastly changed and still change. Workforce and workplace, if you’re not hungry for new ideas about your workforce, maybe you haven’t been tracking the topic called the great resignation.

It’s about people leaving their jobs in record numbers, like 4 million of them in April. Before you chalk that up to, oh, that’s. So three months ago, here’s a stat that should make your stomach rumble a whopping 95% of employees surveyed by This month said, they’d consider moving to a new job.

We’re seeing people choosing employers that value and deliver on flexibility. Purpose and both personal and professional development, and one more biggie wellbeing. If people don’t love their job or how and where they’re doing their job or how they’re being listened to and cared about inside and outside their job, they’re ready to move.

With more and more remote work. It’s easier than ever for people, your people to find options. And for companies with those options to find your people, is your business thinking about how you’ll recruit and retain talent moving into 2022 and aligning your people plan with your business plan. If you’re just starting to think about it, or even if you’re far down the path, we’ve got a book to help you go for.

Yeah, right. The bestseller. I mentioned a minute ago, it’s all about being a practical guide, scoped for small and mid-sized businesses. What have you got to gain? Let’s put it this way. The companies that figure out people, operations stand to gain a big competitive advantage things like better performance, decreased downtime, more efficiency, improved employee experience and happier customers, or what have you got to lose?

Your people.

If you’re looking to build out your people’s strategies and haven’t already picked up a copy, please check out people operations on Amazon. Also check the link in the show notes below to see a list of free bonus resources we’ve put together to help you get started on your people. Operations. Finally time to give you the mic for our pups quiz.

If 95% of your organization is open to a new job right now, how confident are you that you have the right strategy in place to help them stay? If you’ve got some great ideas and examples, share them with me, we might just feature you on an upcoming show.

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