PREVIEW: The 80/20 Rule

Didi D'Errico, Vice President of Communications at Zenefits
May 10, 2021

In this episode we’re focusing on the Pareto principle. It’s all about giving you more time to do the work that moves your business forward. It’s not new, but it’s leverage to replace traditional HR Busywork to help power better Peoplework? That is new. Here’s a preview.

A preview of what? We thought you’d never ask!  We talk more about the Pareto Principle in our new book, People Operations, out June 22. It’s chocked full of ideas on what else you could do with that ‘found time’ that could you could apply to your business, your people and your own career.

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Yikes. Are you spending 80% of your time doing HR paperwork to minimize compliance risk? The biggest drag that low value time suck is keeping you from the 20% of your efforts that will result in the biggest boon to your business and to your people.

This is preview the show where we cover the people operations trends. You need to know I’m Didi D’Errico. Today, we’re focusing on the parade principle. Have you heard of it? It’s all about giving you more time to do the work that moves your business forward. It’s not new, but leveraging automation to replace traditional HR busywork to help power better people work.

That is new. Here’s a preview. One of the ideas behind people ops. Is focusing time and energy on things that matter most to the business and automating everything else that doesn’t the parade’s principle, more commonly known as the 80 20 rule States. That 80% of an outcome can be driven by 20% of the effort.

It’s about being extremely deliberate as to where and how you focus your efforts. This is particularly challenging for small businesses with so much opportunity, but set your finite resources. The same goes for HR teams tasked with all types of to-do lists. Many of them think, or recordkeeping compliance and reporting are lower value, but high risk an oversight can be costly.

But there’s really little business upside doing something unimportant. Well, Does not make it important. This is the classic trap of traditional HR. This is where technology is critical. It’s necessary to automate the 80% of lower value, high risk busy work. So you can focus on the 20% of efforts that will result in the biggest boon to your business.

Technology will remove the repetitive menial work better, faster, and with less human error and humans, those running your people, operations will do a better job at things like designing a great employee experience and productive workplace culture.

Instead, want to learn more about flipping the 80 20 script from paperwork to people work? We have a book just for that. Check out the link below to pre-order people, operations, our book coming out June 22nd. Before you go get busy again, let’s turn the mic over to you. It’s a pop quiz. If you got back any of the time you typically spend on HR admin, what would you do with that new found time?

Instead if you’ve got a great answer, share it with me at [email protected] Your insight just might land you a pops podcast interview to share your genius. I’m Didi and this was preview.

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