Q&A: Assess yourself! And learn how to lead POPS plans

Jean Spencer, Senior Manager of Integrated Campaigns at Zenefits.
Mar 29, 2022

As an HR or People Operations leader, keeping up with best practices can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve created a resource that will take just a few minutes of your time and get you on the fast track to managing your workforce with best-in-class strategies. Jean Spencer, Director of Marketing Programs at Zenefits, shares […]

As an HR or People Operations leader, keeping up with best practices can be overwhelming. Lucky for you, we’ve created a resource that will take just a few minutes of your time and get you on the fast track to managing your workforce with best-in-class strategies.

Jean Spencer, Director of Marketing Programs at Zenefits, shares about the People Operations Assessment, a short quiz that sets you up for success with employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

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On this episode, you’ll hear:

  • [00:30] How People Operations differs from traditional HR
  • [01:15] What the People Operations Assessment is
  • [04:00] Why you should take the Assessment

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Jean’s love for small business runs deep. In 2010, she became an entrepreneur with her invention of touchscreen gloves (Agloves).  She learned first hand (pun intended!) about running and building a business. Her professional career has taken as many leaps and shifts as her latest personal passion for free solo rock climbing. Really!  She cut her teeth in journalism as a political journalist at the Wall Street Journal, and she’s married her love for data and storytelling in a number of marketing roles including her current gig as the head of Integrated Marketing Campaigns at Zenefits.


Jean: How a 10 minute online quiz could set you up for better success with employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Didi: Welcome to pops the show that shows you how to shift from human resources, paperwork to people, operations for the new world of work. The how by answering one question at a time.

Today to help us answer your question. Here’s Jean Spencer, Director of Marketing Programs at Zenefits.

Jean: The people operations assessment is a 10 minute quite thorough online questionnaire that measures a company on its maturity. With using this people operations approach to HR. Essentially, it helps you determine if your HR style is modernized and optimized to advance support and, or unleash your people and employees to their greatest potential.

After you complete the online survey, you’ll get a detailed scorecard on your people. Operations maturity, with lots of information. First you’ll get an all up people operations score. This is a numerical value that places you on the people, operations, maturity model, this number ranks you on a one to five level level, one being chaotic to level five or mastery of people, operations.

Essentially this single number tells you how modern and effective your eight HR or people operations are. Today. We get people using this number to help them create a roadmap for change in their organizations for HR. Or some people share it with their executive teams to show either how good they’re already doing or to showcase how they could use improvement or build a business case for more investment in HR.

Then in addition to your all up people, operations, maturity score, you’ll also get 11 subscores that measure your sophistication on more specific HR found. This allows you to identify which parts of your workforce management are strong and which could use some work. And we don’t just leave you hanging with your scores.

In addition to each score, you get a personalized recommendation for each level in your category. When you click the, learn more under each sub score, you gain access to step by step suggestions on how to improve to the next level, as well as hyperlinks to resources and tools that can help you at your stage.

For example, if you’re level two on learning and development, we provide step by step instructions or recommendations on how to get to level three as, as well as resources and links to help you get there. Finally, you can save your score, share it with friends or colleagues. And, or talk to an HR advisor right within the dashboard to discuss your results and see how to improve.

So that in a nutshell is what the people operations assessment is. But I also wanted to cover why you might be interested in taking it first. The labor markets shifted in lasting ways. There are more people working remotely employees have new and heightened expectations of employers and employers are struggling to keep up with the changing demands.

You see this as evidenced by the great resignation, for example, and people seeking new work. But what if you could make a few critical shifts in the way your workforce is managed that really gave your employees a reason to stay with your firm? Another potential reason why you might care to take the people operations assessment is to focus the lens of things that you might wanna change in your HR department, unless you’re starting an HR department from scratch, it’s unlikely, you’ll have the time or resources to make huge changes to your HR in any one given year.

But by taking the people operations assessment, you may identify some HR hotspots, critical areas that could use improvement. Now, while other areas don’t need as much attention and third simply by taking the assessment, you might learn things you didn’t know, you didn’t know how are top performing HR teams, managing payroll.

Benefits compliance and what are best practices in DEI or compensation, people who are taking this assessment and understanding the strengths and gaps in their people, operations are consistently finding value and I’m excited to give you free and unlimited access to the assessment today. So you can discover whatever it is that your HR team needs to discover to help improve your workforce management, employee engagement and overall productivity.

The link will be included in the show notes, but it’s also at www.benefits.com/pops-quiz. Feel free to reach out with questions, share insights, and join the pops community to improve our experience of work across the world.

Didi: Do you have a question for our experts? Click the link in the show notes, or if you’ve got other ideas and feedback about our show, send them to [email protected].

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