10 Reasons Why Mobile HR is Everything

Frustrated with outdated HR tasks? Mobile HR can save you time, money, and future frustrations while improving the employee experience.

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why mobile hr is everything

From forgetting your documents at an important meeting to wasting time and money on outdated printing tasks, manual HR is both frustrating and inefficient. If you’re ready for something more cutting-edge, mobile HR is the way of the future. Here are the top ten reasons you’ll want to make the switch.

1. Access documents from anywhere

Have you ever been to the doctor and forgotten your proof of coverage? Maybe you had a meeting with your accountant, but forgot to bring your W-2. Take your documents on the go with digital HR and always be the most prepared person in the room.

2. Easily share important benefits

Digital HR makes it easy to share healthcare documents on demand. Whether it’s with your family, your doctors, or your broker, mobile HR simplifies outdated processing and reduces stress for when open enrollment comes back around.

3. Proof of employment and payroll access

Renting that apartment is a whole lot easier if you have proof of employment in your pocket. Ditch the printing problems and prove that you’re gainfully employed with instant payroll access.

4. Easy team communication

Whether you’re down with the flu or planning a trip to Hawaii, Mobile HR makes requesting PTO from your pocket fast and simple. Set yourself a reminder to request that vacation or roll over on your sick days and go back to bed with the click of a button.

5. Manage scheduling

Nothing is worse than scheduling your right-hand woman to lead a presentation only to find out that she’s on vacation for the next two weeks. Digital HR makes it easy to see who’s on duty in real time, so all of your schedules are updated and accurate. This is particularly true if you offer an unlimited PTO plan— make sure there’s not too much overlap, and approve or reject PTO requests in real time.

6. Take notes from anywhere

Leaving papers behind at the office is a bummer, especially when you wanted to review notes on the commute home. Take notes on those one-on-one’s and other important meetings by recording it all on your digital HR app. You’ll never have to worry about being prepared when a new idea or inspiration strikes.

7. Remember employee details

Can’t remember that new hire’s name? Not sure if your assistant’s birthday is today or tomorrow? Save yourself the embarrassment and check the Digital HR app to stay up to date on those important details.

8. Forget the paperwork

Photocopying, printing, stapling and filing—manual paperwork can be a huge hassle and a physical waste of space. Forget these antiquated tasks and make it easy for everyone involved. When all records can be instantly updated in the same location, you’ll never have to wonder where you put that document from last week’s meeting.

9. Save time and money

Nixing paper copies saves you a great deal of time and money. Switching to digital HR eliminates the loads of paper or ink supplies you’ll need, while reducing the energy used to run these machines.

10. Change Hours Retroactively

Forgot to clock out? No sweat! Mobile HR makes it easy to add retroactive changes to your daily hours. It also makes it easy to keep track of everyone’s flexible work hours in real time, so you always know who’s coming to work on time – and who needs to kick things into high gear.

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