10 Workplace Giving Programs That Are a Win-Win

People want to help. Check out these workplace giving programs to see how your business can support nonprofits, engage employees, and boost your team’s morale.

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Matching gifts, volunteer time off, and hosting nonprofit reps are just a few ways employers can help employees give back

Here's what you need to know:

  • Workplace giving programs boost employee engagement and are good for business
  • Workers want to work for a socially-conscious organization
  • Workplace giving programs go beyond traditional donation models

Giving is good. But it can also be good for business.

There are plenty of incentives behind why United States workplace giving programs raise approximately $5 billion a year. One big reason? According to GlobeScan, 40% of global consumers are “aspirational shoppers” who prefer brands that “take action to make a positive impact in the world.”

Still, being mindful of corporate social responsibility has plenty of business advantages beyond just external marketing and charitable tax deductions to help the bottom line. People want to offer their finances, time, goods, and skills to support community causes; they prioritize places of employment that aim to do the same.

Philanthropy in the workplace can positively influence internal team morale and productivity — especially as younger generations are increasingly set on only joining companies aligned with their values.

More and more business leaders are learning to boost employee engagement, enthusiasm, and retention through donation-matching programs and volunteering initiatives at work. A Cone Communications Employee Engagement Survey found the following:

  • 74% of employees surveyed say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact at work
  • 55% of employees surveyed would choose to work for a socially responsible company, even if it means a lower salary
  • 51% of employees surveyed won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments

People want to offer their finances, time, goods, and skills to support community causes, and they prioritize places of employment that aim to do the same.

10 workplace giving programs to help your employees give back

Consider these 10 workplace programs to help your employees give back:

  1. Matching Gifts. Match 1:1 (or at a higher ratio!) the dollars your employees donate to their preferred nonprofits.
  2. Individual Volunteering PTO. In addition to traditional paid sick and vacation time off, offer an annual amount of PTO hours specifically allocated for employee volunteering.
  3. Dollars For Doers. Provide monetary grants supporting nonprofits where your employees regularly volunteer.
  4. Automatic Payroll Deductions. Offer automated paycheck deductions for employees to continuously (and seamlessly) donate to a nonprofit of their choice.
  5. Fundraising Matching. Match the total amount your employees raise during fundraising efforts — like benefit runs, benefit concerts, or art auctions — in which they seek sponsors and donors.
  6. Company-Sponsored Team Volunteering. Organize group volunteering (ideally during office hours) at a nonprofit site to bring power in numbers and promote team bonding.
  7. Annual Employee Donation Stipend. Provide employees with an annual stipend designated solely for nonprofit donations.
  8. Donate Company Products Or Services. Donate or discount the cost of your company’s products or services to nonprofits and educational organizations.
  9. Mentorship Programs. Partner with a nonprofit or school to create ongoing mentorships during which employees can share their knowledge and experiences with those seeking to learn.
  10. Nonprofit Meet ‘n’ Greets. Host regular office events inviting nonprofit representatives to visit your office and present their initiatives to your employees.
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